We get by with a little help from our friends

by | Dec 15, 2020 | News

Indoors since March

It’s Christmas, and while many of us are now able to visit shops and meet with a friend for socially distanced walks, some Honleyers are still isolating.

People like Geoff and Marjorie, who Friends of Honley have been helping to top up their shopping since March, are still wary about venturing out in public due to the risk it poses.

Thankfully, they have good neighbours who also help them out, but the Christmas gift they’d like most is to  be outside enjoying life. Geoff is a retired draughtsman and he and Marjorie used to enjoy dancing gardening and hiking.

Whilst Geoff has been able to go out for solitary walks, since lockdown Marjorie has had to completely withdraw and they’ve been confined indoors for much of the time since March.

Friends of Honley

How to help?

Friends of Honley wanted to help. If they couldn’t take Geoff and Marjorie out, they decided to bring the outdoors in and show them that they cared.

The Friends of Honley team put their thinking caps on and decided on a Xmas tree for their garden. It started at Taylor’s with the donation of a 5ft tree. Of course it needed to be installed so that it would stand the test of any weather.

Step forward Ian Blagborough who, despite working on call, managed to find time to collect and install the tree – kitted out in full reinforced reindeer hat as he did so!

Then it was just a matter of decoration, with lights, baubles and trimmings donated by Friends of Honley volunteers. To make the most of the decorations, artistic talent was supplied by Tom and Ashleigh Ragsdale @pickwickcottages. Not one argument was heard although there are rumours that the decorations were removed and put back on several times to create the finished article!

Christmas from Friends of Honley                  Christmas Tree Honley

Giving a smile at Christmas

The result?

Honley Christmas Tree


A lovely chat with Geoff and Marjorie and seeing a huge smile on their faces due to the kindness of Honleyers.  We believe this is the biggest and best Christmas gift of all.

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