Easy ways to protect your property

by | Sep 2, 2021 | News

Top security tips:

According to the most recent statistics domestic burglary offences are on the decrease, falling 33%  in March 2021 compared with previous years. But with almost half a million homeowners (440,000 burglary offences) experiencing the trauma of a break-in, we shouldn’t become complacent.

Students are a particularly high-risk group. Around one third of students are a victim of crime while at university, with burglary one of the top 3 crimes. Over the next few weeks, thousands of students will be leaving home for university, many moving into private accommodation.

We spoke to Alan Donkersley of C.A.T. Alarms  for his top 5 security tips for keeping your home, business property or student accommodation as safe as possible.

Here’s Alan’s advice:

Easy ways to protect your home

Research shows that homes with alarms are significantly less likely to be targeted than those without. It does mean that the best way to protect your home is to install a security system, have it serviced regularly and switch it on when you go out or to bed.

There are other simple things that you can do to make your home more secure, even if you already have an alarm system. Here are our top 5 security tips:

1. Have window and door jammers fitted

Window and door jammers are levers that can be installed on the inside of your door or window. They’re relatively cheap and simple to fit but can be very effective. If a would-be burglar manages to bypass your door or window lock, then the lever – or jammer – will prevent it from opening.

As with any security system, always check they’re in good working order and replace any parts that become worn or loose. If you’re renting or in student accommodation, ask your landlord about fitting these extra security measures.

2. Close all downstairs windows and bolt/lock external doors

It might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people use the latest locks on their doors then leave their windows open. It’s worth remembering that many break-ins are opportunistic: petty thieves taking advantage of an open door or window. A significant number of offences also take place during daylight hours.

Whether you’re in a student house or not, don’t invite a thief into your home by leaving the windows or doors open and unlocked. If there are high walls or flat roofs near your property, remember that upstairs windows can be vulnerable too.

3. Never leave notes on your door saying you are out!

It’s not a good idea to advertise that your house is empty. If you’re expecting a parcel and might not be in, you can often message the delivery company directly with instructions about a safe place or friendly neighbour where they can leave your package.

4. Let your family, or friends and neighbours know if you’re going away

If you’re on speaking terms with your neighbours let them know when you’re leaving for a holiday or a short break. Ask them to keep an eye out for any unusual activity around your home. Alternatively, ask a family member or friend to pop round while you’re away and put bins out/away and check the house is secure.

5. Always set your alarm

Even if you’re just popping out to the shops or to visit a neighbour, set your alarm! It’s amazing how many burglaries take place because a door was left unlocked and an alarm unset. At C.A.T. Alarms our motto is ‘use it or lose it’ – your possessions that is.

Follow these 5 quick and easy security tips, and you’ll help to keep your property as safe and secure as possible. And if your son or daughter is heading off to university, it might be worth sharing this article with them!