Euro 2020 in Honley

by | Jun 18, 2021 | News

A European flavour of Honley Businesses:

After a 12-month delay, Euro 2020 has finally kicked off, with (most) of the home nations off to a cracking start. Well done Wales for Wednesday’s win over Turkey! There will be split loyalties, not to mention frayed nerves – this evening when England take on Scotland at Wembley. To keep it neutral we wish both teams all the best!

You don’t have to be a die-hard football fan to enjoy everything European. We’ve put together our own Euro 2020 line-up from our Honley businesses.

(By the way: these affiliations are completely fictional and nothing whatsoever to do with nationalities or football team allegiances. It’s purely for your entertainment!)

Representing Portugal

The Modern Language School is waving the Portuguese flag. To be fair, The Modern Language School also has a claim to France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. These are the languages you can learn from their qualified and highly experienced language teachers.

Representing Spain

Punch Bar and Tapas has to be the pick of Spain. Where else in Honley can you take your pick of the finest Spanish tapas? The perfect place to enjoy your pre- (or post-) match meal. Nip next door to Krafty and you’ll get to see the match too!

Representing Germany

Inspire Pilates is our German connection. Before you think we’ve gone completely mad, did you know that the exercise phenomenon, Pilates, is named after the German physical fitness specialist Joseph Pilates? He invented this system of movement in the 1960s. We couldn’t let a fact like that go to waste.

Representing Poland

Switalskis Solicitors has to be our Polish connection. It’s a pretty tenuous link as you have to go back quite a few generations to reach country where our local solicitors name originates. Like the Polish team manager, Switalskis Solicitors believe in hard work and good communication to help their clients.

Representing Finland

Yonda Sports our resident designer and provider of high-performance wetsuits are taking on the mantle of Finland. Yonda’s flexible, streamlined wetsuits have triathletes and open water swimmers cutting through the water as if they’re wearing fins! (Please stop groaning.)

Representing Scotland

Krafty have a few wee drams of Scottish whisky on their drinks menu. Why not call in for a drop of the good stuff while you watch Scotland take on England tonight? Kraft are showing all the matches!

Representing Wales

Lamb 2 Ewe has to be our Welsh representative. We know it’s a lazy stereotype, but there are still an awful lot of sheep in Wales – around 10 million! With no dragons in the village (that we’re aware of), we had to go for Lamb 2 Ewe.

Representing Greece

Savaro, is close to Greece. Now, our geography is a little bit out and Greece didn’t actually make it to Euro 20, but who cares. When Lebanese cuisine tastes this good we had to get them in somewhere!

Representing France

Wired Coffee and Cake: who better to represent this coffee-loving nation? Wired Coffee and Cake are true coffee connoisseurs, using award-winning locally-ground beans for their café au lait! You’ll also discover some pretty amazing gateaux on offer (that’s cake if you’re from Yorkshire!).

Representing Denmark

Café Loom are on the Denmark bench. It’s a great place to relax with a cuppa and they might even have some delicious Danish pastries!

Representing Croatia, Turkey, Netherlands… in fact anywhere in Europe!

The Personal Travel Agent is mopping up affiliation to all the remaining Euro countries. After all, they can help to book a holiday anywhere you want in Europe or the rest of the world for that matter too!

 And finally…

Representing England

The Foresters Arms are flying the flag for England. There were numerous worthy candidates to be our England representative (in truth that would be every business in Honley, as we’re all in England). We decided to give the accolade to The Foresters Arms due to the lengths they’ve gone to this year to help football fans of all nationalities enjoy and celebrate Euro 2021.

Thanks to The Foresters Arms for our feature picture at the top of this blog and a happy and successful Euro 2020 Championship to all our Honley businesses.