Greener shopping in Honley

by | Jul 30, 2021 | News

Do your bit for the environment:

Climate change is a reality that we’re all facing. While we wait for governments and big business to take action on a global scale, we can all do our bit to help the environment.

Businesses and organisations in Honley are certainly stepping up to the mark to help us all reduce, recycle and reuse products and packaging. There are also simple things we can all do – or stop doing – to help the natural world. In this blog we look at the green credentials of some of our local businesses and organisations.

Wired up to reduce, recycle and reuse

Wired Coffee and Cake on Church Street thought about their environmental impact when creating their business plan. They made a conscious decision to source products locally, which minimises delivery miles, and the associated carbon footprint. It also helps by supporting local businesses, something Wired is passionate about. Owner, Oliver Schofield, explains more:

“We try to do our best by using fully compostable and biodegradable takeaway cups. Wherever possible, we also use fully recyclable packaging.”

While tea and good coffee beans can’t be grown in this country for obvious reasons, Oliver is keen to source responsibly. He said:

“Both our coffee and tea suppliers are B Corp registered. That means that all their business is conducted in an environmentally friendly way, as well as being fully transparent. It also means that reasonable prices are paid to all suppliers.”

That’s not all. Wired donate all their used coffee grounds and tea leaves to the local allotment society. These waste products are then reused as fertiliser and compost to help grow more food.

ReDress encouraging reuse

One of the new additions to the village, ReDress, describes itself as a ‘pre-loved boutique’. Run by Rachel Valli, the dress agency sells high quality, pre-owned ladies clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes from high-end designers and high street favourites.

Their entire business proposition is ‘reuse’. Many of us have great-looking clothes, shoes and accessories that we no longer wear or use hidden at the back of our wardrobes and cupboards. Instead of leaving them to collect dust or sending them off to landfill, ReDress will help you give quality items the chance of a new home. Not only that, but you’ll get 50% of the price your items sell for too. Better for the environment and better for you.

Recycling and reusing

There are many more stories about how Honley businesses are doing their bit to reduce their impact on the environment. Zebra use biodegradable plastic bags and recycle where possible. Blue Tiger sources produce locally, as does butcher, Lamb2Ewe, who also believes in people eating less, but higher quality, meat.

There are things we can do as individuals to reduce our impact and help the environment. Keep an eye on the Honley Community Facebook page for bargains and freebies to snap up. The page regularly features items, including school uniform, furniture, toys and more that people no longer need, and want to sell or pass on for people to reuse.

Charity, River Holme Connections also has some simple tips that can make a big difference.

How can we help the environment?

Surprisingly, some of the actions that can make the biggest difference to the environment actually take less effort to do and save us money.

Take one of River Holme Connections top tips for helping wildlife – don’t mow your lawn!

It’s great news for lazy gardeners, but even leaving part of your garden ‘wild’ can provide food and shelter for insects, small mammals and wildlife. This increases biodiversity and among flora and fauna.

Keeping our rivers clean and conserving water is another easy win.

Only rain down the drain

Did you know that the drains on our streets and many in our homes enter straight into the river system? Only water and waste that go into home and business drains connected to the sewage system are treated before reaching our waterways.

So, If you wash your car, use a car wash or avoid using detergent, that way you’ll avoid polluting our rivers. And please, please, please, don’t flush wipes! Even so-called flushable wipes usually contain plastic and don’t break down. These wipes combine with fat and grease that we pour down the sink – which we also need to stop doing – causing the huge fat bergs that block drains and lead to sewage flooding into our rivers – yuk!

We can make a change

If we support our green businesses and take responsibility for our own actions, we can all work towards reducing our impact on the environment. Working together, our small steps will make a big difference.