Thanks for filling out our ‘Join In’ Forms! We will get in touch with you shortly.

Welcome to HBA: You’ve just joined the largest, and longest standing Business Association in West Yorkshire

Together we’re stronger: We believe that together we’re stronger, and our members abide by the principle of “shop local”,
either by buying, promoting or sourcing products/service locally for each of our businesses. We therefore want to circulate your
contact details to other members. By signing this application form, you confirm that you want to engage in this process.


Planning for success: We have an Annual Business Plan compiled by HBA members, to which we welcome your input – both in
terms of ideas that you can suggest, expertise you can offer or time you can give to support our community of businesses. No
matter how small – your input and help is appreciated. Our plan is reviewed annually at the AGM for the coming year, but its’
not set in stone as the world changes, so ideas are welcome at any time. Contact June Mclean (honleybusinessassociation@gmail.com) or Sylvia Sellen (honleybusinessassociation@gmail.com).


Different locations, different offerings, different customers: Our businesses are located in one of our 3 business parks, at
Crossley Mills, Queens and Steps Mill, at many homes in and around Honley or in our village centre. The needs of each are
different, and your respective input is vital to ensure we learn from, and support, each other.


Getting to know you: We hold meetings for all members with additional get togethers for smaller groups when organising
specific activities. But don’t wait for us, – feel free to contact each other. Once your application has been returned and payment
made please request to join our Facebook HBA Members site “Honley Business Association – Members Only Group”


Our Social Media Presence: Our Facebook Page (What’s Happening In Honley) & Facebook Group (Honley Community) attract
over 13,500 (mostly local) followers, and you have the opportunity of placing one post per week to promote your business in
Honley Community (non-members are not allowed to post at all in this group). We’re also on Instagram @honleybusinessassociation and Twitter – @HonleyBizAssoc Please JOIN Honley Community Facebook Group, join Facebook Honley Business Association – Members only Group, LIKE our What’s Happening in Honley Facebook Page and FOLLOW us on
Instagram and Twitter.


Website: We launched our new website just over two years ago and we are very proud of it https://honley.info/, when you join
we will add you to the list and our copywriter and then photographer will be in touch to begin the process of adding you in.
The actual cost of adding you to the website is £225 for the photographer and £150 for a business write up, so at a yearly subs of
£120 we do not cover our cost until year 3. So, we ask you to commit to being on the website for at least 3 years. We are sure
once you see the added value of being mentioned in blogs during the year, being recommended on face book whenever there is a query about your business offering and having your presence on the website, that £120 is a fraction of what the cost would be
elsewhere. And, as a bonus, if you want a copy of the photographs that John takes for your own use then you can have them for
only £25.


Village Presence: To show our village is important to HBA we regularly add flags and at Christmas we hang around 150 trees and
lights throughout the village. To say it is stunning is an understatement. This is a massive undertaking that a team of volunteers
do. We hope that this is valued by our community and encourages them to use local businesses. If you would like to help by
volunteering then just let us know.


Events: We hold at least one event in the village to increase our profile and to optimize footfall the Xmas Street Market on the
1st Saturday of December. We also hold a Christmas Light switch on, taking place on the second Saturday in November, again this
is held to increase loyalty from our community to give back to our businesses and increase footfall into the village.
We also get involved in other groups events in the village such as Friends of Honley, Open Gardens or special events like the
Queens platinum jubilee, Kings Coronation with Honley Village Community Trust. If you wish to get involved, or need more
information please contact Sylvia Sellen sylviasellen99@gmail.com.


Village Map We have just produced a village map that includes tabs for all our members to further spread the word of our
members. All home-based businesses are shown on the map but not necessarily at the home location, this is down to our
members to decide. We will update the map as new versions are required so new members will be added when updates take
place. This map has also been made interactive to further increase usage.


Subs To join HBA with a feature on our website is only £120 per year. This can be either paid at £10 per month or as a one-off
invoice each year. However as the cost to have a professional copywriter and photographer far out ways £120, we ask that you
commit to being on the website for a three year period minimum.

If you are a new start up or cannot give a 3 year commitment, then we do have the option of joining HBA for an annual payment
of £50 and being able to take advantage of all of the above, but without featuring on our website. This gives you access to
posting in Honley Community and engaging with our other social media accounts, which gives you a prospective audience of
over 13k mostly local members to promote your business, a massive opportunity to take advantage of HBA’s years of gathering
our members. You also are included in all information sent out to our members, invited to our AGM and able to add your voice to
any discussions on the future of HBA.

One of the main things is that our business association gives the village strength, with us working together to ensure everything
we do is for the benefit of the businesses, residents, and wider community. So, once you join please remember it is about liking,
sharing and promoting each other as we are stronger together so please do your bit.

The attached form, once complete, can be returned either by email to honleybusinessassociation@gmail.com or handed in to
Zebra. Subs can be paid by bacs (see below for bank details) or again cash to Zebra


Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.


What to do next:-

1.Send your subscription
Account name: Honley Business Association
Sort code: 20 26 08
Account number: 73303438
Reference: Your Company Name
See note below for part-payment instructions. If you have any issues with payment, please contact


2. Get involved
Please share with us any ideas for the local business community, residents and Honley village as a whole. Engage with the various
social media by liking and sharing other business posts from Honley Community. It is up to each and every member to promote
one another by liking, sharing or recommending one another to get the highest profile possible. We don’t profess to be the font
of all knowledge and as mentioned earlier, together we’re stronger!


3. Display your window decal
Please collect your window decal from June McLean at Zebra, this can be proudly attached to your home window. car, van or
shop window and shows to the community that you support Honley and we hope that they will support Honley in return.


Together we can make Honley the best village it can possibly be. Welcome aboard!


Notes relating to subscriptions: .
– Invoices for Business Members will be issued March or April annually, to cover membership from the 1st January to 31st

– If joining part way through the year full subs should be paid, your second years subs will be due 12 months after joining.