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Morning - 11am to 1pm

Morning - 11am to 1pm

Afternoon - Appointment Only

Mind, Body and Soul

Aromatherapist Samantha Wells is a holistic practitioner who truly holds your hand through life’s twists and turns.

As well as her love of all things natural, including aromatherapy, Samantha has a special intertest in women’s hormonal health and wellbeing. She specialises in menstrual health, perimenopause and menopause.

Samantha qualified from the prestigious Harrogate NHS Natural Health School with an ITEC Level 3. She was awarded a distinction and gained the highest mark ever given by the external examiner. She is also a qualified mental health first aider.

The aromatherapist took an early interest in the natural world and the benefits to life through using plant-based essential oils. It’s what led her to explore aromatherapy and to set up her Honley-based business – Aromatherapy By Samantha.

She helps her clients to better understand the benefits aromatherapy can have on their health and wellbeing; both physical and emotional.

Link Between Nature and Science

Samantha said: “The biggest reason I love aromatherapy is due to the link between nature and science. It satisfies both my nerdy and my hippie side. I find joy and a deep sense of peace being around trees, nature and woodland.

“My treatment room has been designed to feel like a woodland hideaway. A sanctuary where my clients can escape the pressures of modern day living and feel the natural benefits of nature.

“The chemistry of essential oils fascinates me. They are powerful little bottles of natural chemicals. There are thousands of different varieties, each with their own therapeutic properties. I choose and blend your oils on an individual basis, following a thorough consultation, to reach the right blend for you. Your treatment is completely individual to you. This ensures you receive the maximum benefit from your time with me and offers you a truly unique experience.”

Aromatherapy Treatments

Samantha blends essential oils according to client health and wellbeing, as well as client preferences for fragrance. Whether it’s peppermint, lavender, bergamot or chamomile, Aromatherapy By Samantha’s stock covers it all.

From back, neck and shoulder to full body massages and facials, Samantha knows just how to add the perfect mix of essential oils to one of her blends.

She is the only stockist in Honley for the award-winning UK holistic beauty company ‘Face the World’. Their luxury ‘Face the World Moroccan Sacred Candle Massage’ and ‘Face the World Signature Holistic Facial’ combine natural plant based and essential oil massage products with specifically composed music which you won’t hear anywhere else, making them a popular choice for clients.

Wherever possible, Samantha uses ethically sourced, vegan and sustainable products. Her re-fillable rollerballs and inhalation sticks are blended with essential oils that can be used to help alleviate symptoms including anxiety and stress throughout the day. “Think of it as your aromatherapist in your pocket!” said Samantha.

She has also formed collaborations with local businesses such as florists to offer joint wellbeing workshops, and sells gift cards for those wanting to treat family and friends.

“My treatments are about meeting people where they are at in life,” said Samantha. “The beauty of aromatherapy is its variety. I can see clients who may need a relaxing massage but have arthritis or high levels of stress.

“Through the benefits of aromatherapy, I can help to treat ailments, including stress relief, anxiety, muscular discomfort and hormonal imbalance, as well as providing relaxation in a peaceful and safe environment.

“A large part of aromatherapy is our sense of smell. When we inhale a scent that we like this triggers the part in our brain that makes memories and recognises emotion (known as the limbic system). By choosing scents we find pleasurable our senses can work in harmony. This helps to restore mental health and wellbeing and bring balance between body and mind.”

If you’re needing to step back with nature and take some time out from the hustle and bustle of modern day living, then book your appointment at Aromatherapy By Samantha today.

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