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How Do You Wear Yours?

Do you want thicker brows, more defined brows or just someone to tidy your brows? Maybe you’re wondering whether to get fuller and more defined lashes?

If you’re looking to enhance your features – let’s face it, your eyes are the first area of your face people tend to look at – then book in with Honley’s Brows by Lucy Ward.

Lucy has spent several years advising clients on what type of brow shape will work best for their eye and face shape, and which tint will complement their hair and skin tone.

There are several options when it comes to brows and lashes, and Brows by Lucy Ward’s treatment list covers them all, with something to suit every budget.

A Brow and Lash Lift Specialist

Lucy has enjoyed a varied career. She has worked as an event’s officer for the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) and as a human resource (HR) officer for Kirklees College.

But it was after becoming a mum that Lucy – encouraged by her family – decided to pursue her interest in beauty. She completed a level two beauty therapy course at the former Huddersfield Technical College, (now Kirklees College), and went on to set up a successful mobile business specialising in gel nails and weekend lash extensions.

Lucy’s love of treatments that gave instant results, led her to specialise in brows and lashes.

After training with Nouveau Lashes, HD Brows (high definition) and Chloe Hick Beauty, Lucy was able to add microblading and machine brow treatments to her ever-expanding services.

“Brows and lashes frame your eyes and can make such a huge impact,” said Lucy. “A lot of people feel that if their brows and lashes are done, then they don’t need makeup.”

Lucy’s Signature Brow

Three years ago, the brow specialist developed her own ‘Signature Brow’. The treatment includes a brow cleanse and tint before the brows are ‘mapped’ into shape to give symmetry. The brows are then trimmed, waxed and / or tweezed. Unlike a HD Brow, makeup is not added, meaning the client leaves Brows by Lucy Ward knowing exactly how their brow will look without it.

Lucy’s ‘Naked Brow’ treatment is a ‘Signature Brow’ but without tint and is popular with male clients or for those wanting a more natural look.

Her ‘Brow Lamination’ treatment is offered as an additional service and is perfect for anyone who has over tweezed in the past. Various lotions are applied to the brow to help smooth the hair and to give the illusion of a fuller brow.

Lucy’s ‘Lash Lift’ treatment is used to give the appearance of lengthened and curled lashes. A silicon shield is used to bind the lashes back and then various solutions are applied to the root of the lash to ‘reset’ and ‘lift’ them into place, before being tinted.

Semi-permanent Makeup

Lucy also specialises in microblading and machine brows. The microblading treatment involves a tiny blade with pigment being applied to the brow to create natural, hair like strokes on the skin, whereas a machine brow uses a tiny needle with pigment to create ‘natural looking’ hair stokes or a ‘powdered brow’ finish.

By adding semi-permanent makeup services, it means that Lucy can help all clients, including people with alopecia, people who may have undergone chemotherapy, and people with sparse or overplucked brows.

Luxury Brow and Lash Treatments

Lucy loves nothing more than using luxury products on her clients, including her Dior cotton pads. Her additional ‘Jelly Mask’ treatment helps to cool, soothe and moisturise the skin after waxing, and her ‘Brow Mask and Exfoliation’ treatment helps to cleanse and nourish brow hair.

After qualifying in a level three anatomy and physiology course to help increase her understanding of skin and hair, Lucy is also extending her services into semi-permanent makeup removal.

“As times goes on, we are bound to see more and more people who need semi-permanent makeup correcting. I wanted to close the circle to offer my clients the whole package,” said Lucy.

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