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Why do you need a copywriter?

We use words more than ever in today’s online world. Yet with so many companies, bloggers and influencers vying for attention, how do you make sure your customers hear and listen to your messages.

Using a professional copywriter can help. A copywriter can:

  • Tell the story your customers want to read.
  • Show your company’s true colours – are you friendly and fun, or serious and sincere?
  • Talk your customers’ language in a professional way.

And most importantly, using a copywriter means:

  • You don’t have to write it yourself!

Introducing CopyWrite

Jeanette Dyson started CopyWrite in 2001 and knows a thing or two about writing great copy. Her portfolio reads like a Who’s Who of household names with Harvey Nichols, NHS, Morrisons supermarkets, Arla Foods, YMCA, Meadowhall, Syngenta and Yorkshire Tourist Board listed as satisfied clients.

She’s also written for organisations closer to home, including Kirklees Council, River Holme Connections and University of Huddersfield. Jeanette has also previously been the face behind the words on our website.

“It doesn’t matter who the client is, I always aim to add a touch of fizz to the copy that gives them more than they were expecting,” Jeanette explained.

Writing is in Jeanette’s blood and she recently published her first novel, The Fate Switch, which has received 5-star reviews on Amazon. Jeanette describes the fantasy adventure story as a ‘children’s book that adults love to read’. You can preview the book here.

Top copywriting secrets

According to Jeanette, the key to writing great copy is understanding your audience. By knowing who you’re talking to, it’s much easier to create messages that catch your customer’s eye, hook their interest and reel them into your world.

“The message needs to be clear, concise and relatable. You also need to accept that what you want to tell your customers isn’t always what they want to hear. You might be proud of your new, ‘state-of-the-art facility’, but who cares? As a customer, I’m more interested to know that because of your new factory, you provide quality widgets first time, on time, every time.

“The advantage I have is that I don’t know your business inside out, and can look at it from a fresh point of view. I aim to ask you the questions your customers want answering. It’s about putting yourself on the other side of the table, and it can make a powerful difference to your message,” said Jeanette.

How does CopyWrite work?

Jeanette can work as a contractor, in-house as part of a team, as an extra resource for creative agencies or directly with clients. Her friendly, cooperative attitude and ability to get under the skin of a brief, has proved a successful approach. Over the past couple of decades, almost every project has led to either repeat business or referrals from satisfied clients.

If you like what you’ve read on this website and want the same professional copy for your business, have a chat with Jeanette by calling 077646 85412.

In the meantime, if you want a few hours of entertainment and escapism, download The Fate Switch and lose yourself in a book you’ll find hard to put down.

CopyWrite, Unit 3, Honley Business Centre, 13-15 Westgate, Concord Street, Honley, HD9 6GN

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