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Honley butchers

Lamb2Ewe is a butcher’s shop with a difference. Animal welfare and provenance are top of the agenda for owner, Tom Kitchen-Dunn, and his team. They source superior-quality meat from local, Yorkshire farms, and only partner with farms that employ ethical farming methods.

If you’re lucky enough to live close to Lamb2Ewe’s Honley butcher shop, which you can find on the roundabout at Moor Bottom, you can see for yourself the quality meat and Yorkshire produce on offer, while experiencing the look and feel of a traditional butchers.

Yet, Lamb2Ewe is much more than a traditional butcher shop. They also sell meat boxes online, giving customers throughout the UK a taste of quality, Yorkshire produce.

Now you can enjoy Lamb2Ewe’s delicious fare on the go. Pop round the back of the shop into the car park and you’ll discover the Butty ‘Oyle, which sells sandwiches to go.

An ethical approach

Animal welfare is at the heart of Lamb2Ewe’s approach to business. Pigs, sheep and cattle are grass-fed and reared outdoors, or sheltered in barns during bad weather, while chickens are barn raised at farms which go above and beyond the required welfare regulations. By using local suppliers, the animals are transported only a short distance, reducing potential stress.

Lamb2Ewe also take care of their farmers. So when you shop with them you can be confident that you’re supporting farmers and guaranteeing a fair price for their exceptional produce.

Environmentally conscious

As a ‘no waste’ butcher, Lamb2Ewe only buy to demand and make sure that all edible parts of the animal are used. For this reason, you might find more unusual cuts of meat on offer to widen your culinary skills.

Online orders are delivered in Woolcool packaging, an effective, natural and sustainable product that allows fresh meat and produce to be delivered safely and hygienically in non-refrigerated lorries, which adds up to big savings on carbon emissions.

Delivered to your door

Promoting fresh, premium Yorkshire meat and produce to customers throughout the UK is a real passion for Tom and his team. Whether you shop in Honley or online, you can be certain of premium quality, ethically sourced meat and produce that tastes amazing.

While they’re always open online, the Moor Bottom shop opens Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Call in and see for yourself the quality cuts of meat, tasty sausages and mouth-watering pies on offer.

If you’re looking for culinary inspiration, visit Lamb2Ewe’s website. They have some delicious recipes for you to try.

Hutty ‘Olyle

The Lamb2Ewe team offer a range of hot sandwiches to take away. All sandwiches are made with Lamb2Ewe’s high quality meat, and their signature hot beef sandwich comes wrapped in a delicious rustic roll, making it too tempting for words.

You’ll find the Hutty ‘Oyle, just round the back of the shop in the car park. It opens at 11am, Tuesday to Saturday, and shuts when all the sandwiches have gone. So you’d better be quick!

Moor Bottom, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6DN, UK