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‘Said and Done’

As her name suggests, Sophie Seddon’s family motto has always been ‘said and done’ and with Sophie, your words are in safe hands.

The former newspaper journalist and police communications officer has spent her career telling the stories of people from all walks of life.

Sophie spent several years as a chief reporter in print journalism. During this time, she covered hard news stories, feature articles, ministerial visits by former Prime Ministers and other leading politicians, and interviewed several household names, including actors and actresses.

“The shorthand I learnt when I was training to be a journalist still comes in handy today,” said Sophie.

“As part of my training, I had to achieve 100 words per minute. There was no room for error.

“I very much doubt my speed is still the same, but it is very handy for interviewing, and particularly for any Secret Santa or birthday lists, as no one else in the family can read it.”

Sophie loved her job in journalism but just as she was thinking of a move into television, an opportunity to become a police communications officer for West Yorkshire Police came her way.

Some call the role ‘poacher, turned game keeper’, but either way you look at it, Sophie is well versed in knowing just what to say and when.

A People Person at Heart

“People often say I am easy to talk to. I am a people person at heart,” said Sophie.

“People fascinate me, and I love nothing more than hearing their stories.”

After leaving the often challenging and fast paced environment of the police to spend more time with her young family, it was a chance encounter that led to a new chapter in Sophie’s story.

She was asked to help with copywriting for a local occupational health care company. One job led to another, and, with word-of-mouth referrals, Sophie went on to set up her own small business.

Building Great Reputations

Sophie is a communications specialist, with professional qualifications. She can help with copywriting, digital communications, online reputation management, including crisis management, media management and training, and advice on audio and visual communications.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and I love nothing more than talking to local people and shining the spotlight on them,” said Sophie.

“I spend time getting to know you, your company, the services you provide, your clients and your industry. I add a powerful human touch to a personal response and increase engagement with your brand.

“Whether your message is for the public, employees, media or customers, it’s about understanding your audience, hitting the right note and presenting your message in an easily digestible way.”

Finding Home in Honley

Sophie grew up in Cheshire but – to Yorkshire folk –spent her career on the ‘right’ side of the Pennines.

It is on her walks with her lively Golden Retriever in the beautiful Holme Valley that Sophie loves to gather her creative thoughts.

“I’m very lucky to live and work in such a beautiful place,” she said.

“I love nothing more than meeting the local community and bringing to life the wonderful stories of the fabulous people who live, work and visit here and who make Honley the place my family and I happily call home.”

Sophie Seddon PR
Honley, Holmfirth, UK

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