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Learn another language

Have you ever wanted to learn another language?

Imagine! How great would it be to chat in a different language? Just think about holding your own in a conversation while on holiday, instead of expecting everyone on the continent to speak English.

According to Dom, a French teacher at Modern Language School, this dream could become a reality for most people in just a matter of months.

Dom, together with her team of qualified and experienced language teachers, offer a range of courses in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

All the tutors at Modern Language School are qualified teachers, who have taught languages at schools and colleges. They welcome everyone from 16 to 116 (and older!) and have courses to suit all abilities, from complete beginners to fluent speakers.

It’s not like school!

This is not passive learning. Unlike the experience of many at school, you won’t be asked to recite endless lists of verbs. Nor will you learn sets of words to simply pass an exam. Instead, at Modern Language School, you’ll enjoy a more practical approach to learning a new language.

“We still teach verbs and grammar, but we teach it in context so that you can understand and use the language more effectively,” explained Dom.

If you hate exams, don’t worry. There are no formal tests at the end of the course. Instead, you’ll have a practical, speaking knowledge of your chosen language.

If you need a formal qualification to further your career, perhaps, then speak to your tutor. They can guide you through the curriculum and arrange for you to sit a recognised exam at an external centre.

Holiday, work, fun

There are many reasons why you might want to learn a second – or third – language. Some students at Modern Language School are planning a holiday abroad, or own a second property on the continent and want to be able to converse with people in their native language.

Others want to brush up on their language skills to progress their career prospects, while many students learn a new language to keep their mind active or meet a personal challenge.

“Everyone has their own reason for learning a language. All we ask is that our students are willing to give it a go and aren’t afraid to make mistakes,” said Dom.

Speaking your language

If learning a new language is on your bucket list, why not make this the year you tick it off?

Whether you have a natural ear for languages or not, Modern Language School will have you speaking like a native in no time – or at least be able to order a glass of wine while you’re abroad.

What are you waiting for? Start learning a new language with Modern Language School today and you’ll discover a world of opportunity on your doorstep.

The Modern Language School
Unit 7, Queens Square Business Park, Huddersfield Road, Honley, Holmfirth, HD9 6QZ