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Walking on Air

With a spring in her step, Annabel Allott is helping people in Honley to put their best foot forward.

Annabel has moved her Shelley based podiatry business – The Sole Room – to Honley after being invited to take up space in the recently renovated ‘kynd’ clinic in Southgate.

“I treat anything from hard skin and cracked heels, to calluses, corns, nail conditions, athletes’ foot and biomechanical issues,” she said.

“I also carry out routine foot care for people who may be struggling with issues such as an ingrowing toenail or fungal infection.

“These types of conditions can affect more than just the feet. They can also affect mental health and self-esteem, so it’s such a great feeling when clients walk out of here and turn round to tell me it’s like walking on air.”

As well as earning a BSc degree in Podiatry, Annabel is registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is a member of the Royal College of Podiatry.

After obtaining 95% in her end of year clinical exams at Huddersfield University more than a decade ago, Annabel was invited by the university to become a junior clinical associate and asked to stay on as a junior lecturer.

Seeing Feet En Masse

Two years later and keen to gain further experience, Annabel left Huddersfield University to work for the NHS.  While she still works part-time at Tameside Hospital, Annabel is increasingly spending more time in her Honley podiatry business as it continues to grow.

“To gain more experience I needed to see more feet and I needed to do that en masse, which you can only really do in the NHS,” said Annabel.

“The role I do now is very specialised, and with only seven of us in the team, we get to see a lot of feet.”

The podiatrist and chiropodist works within the hospital’s high-risk foot team, helping to treat anything from diabetic ulcers to amputations and complex issues relating to the feet.

Medical Background in Feet

“I provide a professional, medical based service from assessment to diagnosis,” said Annabel. “That includes delving into my client’s medical history before carrying out any treatments. In line with my professional regulatory body, the HCPC, I follow strict guidelines, including sterilising all instruments in an autoclave.”

Within The Sole Room, Annabel provides a range of services, with her 60 minute medical pedicure being a popular choice for clients.

Medical Pedicure

“The treatment starts with a foot soak and exfoliation, followed by a routine podiatry treatment and application of Dr’s Remedy nail polish,” she said.

With a medical background, Annabel can carry out biomechanical assessments and prescribe insoles or rehabilitation stretches. She works closely with physiotherapists to provide an entire, streamline service for patients.

“I treat anyone including children with verrucas or ingrowing toenails, right up to pensioners who may no longer be able to reach their toenails,” said Annabel.

“No two feet are ever the same and given the amount of work they do in a lifetime, it’s important we look after them.”

The Sole Room
kynd, 2 Southgate, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6NT, UK

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