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Financial advisor Honley

If your finances need a health check, have a chat with Leanne Harris of Waygood Financial Planning. She’s one of The Times top-rated financial advisers (check out her client reviews on the Vouched For website) and is based here in Honley.

Leanne takes a personal approach to financial planning, aiming to help clients make good decisions about their money that achieve their financial goals. Leanne explained:

“When it comes to personal finances, everyone is unique. We all have different situations, different needs and different attitudes to risk. I work with clients to develop a personalised plan designed to benefit them financially, but also one that they feel secure and comfortable with.”

Leanne is a member of 2Plan wealth management, a national advisory for independent financial advisors. It provides Leanne the support, protection and reassurance of a large organisation, while still giving her the freedom to search the entire financial marketplace to find the right products for clients.

Who needs a financial adviser?

You needn’t have millions in the bank to benefit from a personal financial adviser. If you want to make sure you’re making good financial decisions, or have savings, investments, property or a company or personal pension, it’s wise to seek independent financial advice.

Having worked in banking for more than 10 years before becoming an accredited independent financial adviser, Leanne has now worked in the industry for more than 20 years so knows a thing or two about financial planning. She understands how to navigate the financial industry and can guide clients through the, often daunting, financial regulations and law changes.

A personal service

If you think you might benefit from financial advice, but don’t know where to start, give Leanne a call. As the first consultation is a free, a no-obligation chat, you’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Leanne can advise on everything from savings and investments to pensions, inheritance tax and financial insurance, including life and critical illness cover.

Building relationships with clients is very important to Leanne as she believes in a long-term approach to financial planning. It means you can be confident that Leanne’s sound financial advice has one single aim – to make your finances better.

Why not make an appointment for your free financial health check today? It could be the most profitable call you’ll ever make.

Waygood Financial Planning Ltd
Pine House, 2a Northgate, Honley, Holmfirth, HS9 6QL

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