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Getting you back to a life you love

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from physiotherapy, whether your goal is to run a marathon or walk to the local coffee shop with a friend, Well North are there to help. It’s something that physiotherapist, Nicola Stacey, understands only too well:

“I’m no athlete but I love being active in the great outdoors. I know how important doing what we love is for our overall wellbeing in both body and mind.”

And with over ten years working in the profession, she is well equipped to help people with their recovery.

A holistic approach

Well North takes a holistic approach to physiotherapy, treatment plans are rooted in science and also consider the bigger picture of wellbeing.

Nicola explains: “I consider a client’s overall lifestyle and emotional wellbeing when devising treatment plans. When you’re stressed or tired pain can feel worse. Sleep, diet and mindset are vital components of recovery.”

Well North offer longer than usual sessions so clients receive the time they deserve, don’t feel rushed and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

 Be empowered

Nicola believes that if someone understands their condition they will instantly feel in control and better able to manage. Treatment will always include hands-on techniques but more importantly clients are given the power to help themselves.

“I always explain a patient’s diagnosis in simple terms and provide a personalised treatment plan to take away, including exercises. We’ll go through everything together so they know exactly what to do. The aim is not to keep them coming back for session after session. Instead, I give people the skills to manage their condition themselves,” says Nicola.

Prevention is key

One of the most common things Nicola hears in clinic is ‘I wish I’d come to see you sooner’. Too many people suffer unnecessarily and let niggles develop into a bigger problems before seeking help. Nicola has helped thousands of people out of pain and to avoid unnecessary surgery by getting everything around a joint working properly.

Nicola says: “Even the most simple solutions, such as strengthening exercises, have quick and long lasting benefits. It’s just knowing what to do and the sooner you start the better.”

Recognising serious problems

Physiotherapists are highly skilled health care professionals trained to recognise more serious problems which require immediate medical attention, as Nicola explains:

“Physiotherapists save lives, in my career I have picked up cases of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and auto-immune conditions to mention a few. In these cases we act fast to get patients referred to the appropriate specialist who can help with their problem.”

Working towards pain free living

So, don’t ignore that little niggle, book an appointment at Well North Physiotherapy & Wellbeing and get back to a life you love.

Wellnorth Physiotherapy & Wellbeing
Phoenix Squash & Fitness, Eastgate, Honley, Holmfirth, UK

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