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High-performance textiles

The Holme Valley grew up around the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution, and textiles remain a strong presence in Honley today. You might not consider Yonda Sports a ‘textile’ company, but textiles, indeed high-performance textiles, are at the heart of their business.

Angus Greenwood, who founded Yonda Sports, comes from a textile family, with both sets of grandparents owning mills in the Holme Valley. Angus followed a more modern version of the family business, working in technical fabric technology for almost 2 decades.

The idea for Yonda came when Angus, always a keen swimmer, discovered triathlon. Disappointed with the feel, quality and performance of the wetsuits available, he knew he create something better. In 2014, he combined his love of triathlon with his expert knowledge of fabrics and Yonda Sports was born. The company primarily designs and sells high performance wetsuits for triathletes, swimmers and other sports, but also has a range of accessories and club branded kit.

Wetsuits for athletes

Wetsuits are relatively technical pieces of sporting kit. Using his knowledge of performance textiles, Angus designs wetsuits with different grades of neoprene in different places to meet the demands of each sport. It’s the resulting combination of fit, flexibility, comfort and strength that set Yonda Sports wetsuits apart from the competition.

As Angus explained: “If you’re surfing, you want a wetsuit that gives you strength and buoyancy, but swimming quickly isn’t a priority. In triathlon, however, speed is vital, so flexibility in a wetsuit is important. We’ve designed our wetsuits to be flexible in all the right places – for men and women – so the swimmer or triathlete not only feels comfortable but can move freely while swimming. It makes a big difference to a person’s performance.”

It’s this attention to detail that makes Yonda Sports wetsuits a popular choice for athletes of all ages and abilities. The smallest size is suitable for 7-year-olds, but Yonda Sports sell wetsuits to people of all ages – the eldest in their 80s – throughout the world.

Demand for Yonda Sports wetsuits is increasing and Olympian-standard triathletes from Europe already use Yonda Sports wetsuits. Look out for more Yonda wetsuits on the international stage as their reputation grows.

Answering that important question

Angus also knows the secret to that impossible question: how do you get into and out of a wetsuit?

Apparently the knack to getting a Yonda Sports wetsuit on is to keep your cool! Make sure you’re skin is cool and dry and pull the wetsuit fully up to your waist before slipping it over your shoulders. Getting a Yonda Sports wetsuit off is even easier. They’re designed with a special lining that allows the wetsuit to slip off with ease – perfect for triathlon transitions.

Accessories and more

Check out the Yonda Sports website for more about their high-performance wetsuits for athletes. They also have a range of accessories and casual clothing too. They work with several triathlon clubs and and can supply custom triathlon, cycle and running kit, branded with a clubs logos and colours.

If you’re a budding triathlete or a club that wants the best equipment for your athletes, have a look at Yonda Sports.

Yonda Sports
Westgate, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6AA, UK