Looking for a new career? Could you be a carer?

by | May 14, 2021 | News

Looking for a new work challenge?

The past year has caused many of us to take stock of our lives. It’s made people think about what’s really important to them and re-evaluate what they want from life.

If you’re one of those who has decided that the daily commute to a monotonous office job is no longer giving you satisfaction, perhaps it’s time for a change. And if you’re looking for a more rewarding role, have you thought about a career in caring?

Rewarding, yet challenging

We spoke to Catherine Haigh, founder and director of The Care Collection, a company helping people to live independently in their own homes, for longer. She’s helped us to dispel the myths around caring, giving a realistic introduction to see whether or not a career in caring really is for you.


You need experience for a career in caring: FALSE

While some roles in some organisations may ask for previous caring experience, often this is not required. Over the years, The Care Collection have employed people from all types of backgrounds, from IT workers to masseurs, and give full training to all new team members. This includes shadowing experienced staff to learn the ropes.

You need the right attitude: TRUE

More important than experience is attitude. While you need a caring attitude for a career in caring, you also need to be professional, reliable and committed. Consistency and a familiar face is often vital for vulnerable people receiving the care, so you need to be someone the company and their clients can rely on.

Caring is about making cups of tea for old people: FALSE

You might make the odd cuppa and prepare meals, but a career in caring is so much more. There might be medication to administer, help with personal care and even clearing and cleaning up bodily fluids. Full equipment is provided!

And it’s not just the elderly who require carers. The Care Collection help people of all ages, who have disabilities or other challenges to live independently too.

Then there’s the issue of end-of-life care. There will be times as a carer when you’re caring for people at the end of their lives. While this is certainly one of the more challenging aspects of the role, it can often be the most rewarding.

You need your own transport – TRUE

As you’ll be visiting people in their own homes, you’ll certainly need to drive and most companies require you to have your own car. With a company like The Care Collection, who care for many people in the Holme Valley, you’ll only be driving short distances between calls.

You only have 10 minutes to spend on each call – FALSE

It’s certainly false at The Care Collection, where carers spend at least an hour with each service user. It means you can spend time with the person, get to know them and provide the level of care that you’d want for your own family.

Working hours are unsociable – TRUE

Carers need to help people get up, go to bed and eat at mealtimes, 7 days a week. Shifts and working hours will reflect these requirements. These working patterns can, however, suit part-time workers, semi-retired people, or those who can commit a few hours on certain days, perhaps in a morning, or evening, or at the weekend,

Pay is abysmal – FALSE

The Care Collection pay a market-leading rate that’s significantly more than the national living wage. They also provide car mileage expenses that covers wear and tear as well as fuel.

So there you go; a no-holds-barred look at a career in caring.

After reading this, do you think you have what it takes for a career in caring? If so, give Catherine a call.