Retail Therapy

Shopping local in Honley is easy. We’ve a butcher, a baker, even a candlestick maker. In fact, you’ll find pretty much everything you need – and lots you’ll want – here on your doorstep.

As well as life’s essentials, we’ve independent boutiques and gift shops where you can indulge in a spot of retail therapy. Or, if you deserve a little me-time, why not pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment?

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Thriving industry

Industry flows through the veins of Honley, and has done since the textile industry grew up alongside the River Holme during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, we’re home to a surprisingly large number of engineering, agricultural, manufacturing and service businesses. Some are industry-leading, while others provide vital services and support to companies, not just in Honley but around the world.

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Not all successful companies in Honley have premises. We’ve a whole host of home and online businesses that make work and home life that little bit better and easier too.

From glaziers to graphic designers, discover Honley businesses with the expertise you need. If your business needs more room, your pooch needs a prune or your car needs a tune, you’ll find a local business that can help.

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