We Need You: to help run the Honley Covid Vaccination Centre

by | Dec 31, 2020 | News

Can you help steward our Covid Vaccination Centre?

Following the successful flu clinic partnership back in September, the NHS has given the go ahead for Medicare and Friends of Honley to team up again: this time in the fight against Covid.

But we need your help.

Covid Vaccination Centre Honley


To get ahead of the infection rate, our clinic will need to operate 7 days per week, 10-12 hours per day (8 am – 8/10 pm) for a minimum of 3 months.

The planned ‘GO LIVE’ date is Monday 11th January 2021. But to make this happen, Friends of Honley need volunteers to steward the clinic.

Honley Community is known for being caring. If you can you spare a few hours a week or several hours a day to take on the role of steward at our clinic, please get in touch.  Call Honley’s Resource Manager, Andrew Penrose on TEL: 07881 493552 or EMAIL: apenrose@virginmedia.com.

And do you know of anyone else who could help? If so, please ask them to get in touch too.

Full training and PPE will be provided for all volunteers.

Who will receive the vaccine?

Please note: this is NOT a drop in clinic.

Medicare and Friends of Honley will be administering the vaccine but appoinments will be arranged by the NHS in line with government guidelines. Attendance for vaccinations at the Honley Covid Vaccination Clinic will be by appointment only. Those eligible for the vaccine will receive notification from the NHS with details on how to book an appointment.

We’ve done it once, now we want to do it again

Back in September, we ran a flu clinic at Honley Village Hall – a partnership between Medicare & Friends of Honley for Honley Community Trust.

It proved that the concept of a clinic could work and this has helped the NHS to accept Medicare & Honley as an additional Covid vaccination centre.

I am proud, as I’m sure you are, that the Honley Community, a local business and charity can make a difference in the fight against Covid.

Please contact with any questions, and details on your availability. Just give your contact info and any facts you think may be relevant such as medical training or what you are/aren’t able to do. This will allow Andrew to put a rota together to ensure that we can start protecting our community.

THANK YOU. Your support is critical in making this a success for our community and the surrounding area. Please remember to ask your friends or colleagues if they may be able to help .

Sylvia Sellen

07808 632215

Honley Village Hall - Covid Vaccination Centre