Why Honley is vital to this year’s Olympics

by | Jul 22, 2021 | News

Tokyo kicks off!

It’s a year later than scheduled but the Tokyo Olympics are finally here. It’s that time again, when every 4 years (well, 4 + 1 years in 2021 thanks to Covid) we all become experts in taekwondo, sprint cycling and dressage! This year, there are some new sports to make your jaw drop, with karate, skateboarding and sport climbing winning a place on the Olympic schedule.

While the opening ceremony takes place tomorrow evening, women’s football kicked off yesterday with GB beating Chile 2-0 in their opening match. It’s certainly a good start for Team GB. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come over the next 3 weeks.

Honley’s Olympic dream

While Honley is a couple of miles from Tokyo, our village has played a vital role in this year’s Olympic Games. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that without Honley the Tokyo Olympic Games might never have taken place!

A bold claim, I hear you declare, but wait until you’ve heard the evidence m’lud….

Gate Nine takes the stand

Based in the old Council Offices on Eastgate, Gate Nine are independent designers and printers who can create everything from bar menus to flags. They can print on pretty much anything too, including your car, van or even your helicopter.

Recently, Gate Nine have been wrapping the stands for the Seiko timeboards that have been shipped out to Japan and will be used in Olympic events.

We all know that without stands, the timeboards would fall over. That means the athletes wouldn’t receive their time, and no one would know who’d won the race!

So, it’s obvious… without Honley-based business, Gate Nine, the Olympics could not possibly go ahead.

Gate Nine Olympic

Gate Nine stands – wrapped and ready for the Olympics

Keeping Team GB safe

That’s not all, the Honley Covid Vaccination Centre is keeping Team GB safe by making sure our athletes are vaccinated against Covid 19.

Well, perhaps not all Team GB athletes… but we’ve certainly kept one safe! Ed Clancy OBE popped into our community vaccine centre earlier this year to get his jab before flying out to Tokyo.

It will be Ed’s 4th Olympics, which is an unbelievable achievement. He’ll be chasing his 4th track cycle gold medal in the men’s team pursuit event. And it takes place on Wednesday, 4th August – possibly a good omen?

We hope so! You can read more about Ed’s journey here.

Honley Olympics

So, there you go, undisputable evidence that Honley village is playing a pivotal role in the Tokyo Olympics! Let’s hope it inspires the next generation of Olympic hopefuls.

Whether you’re convinced by our arguments or not, the Olympics will hopefully showcase the best of our sporting stars. You can check out the full line-up of Olympic sports, along with the full schedule of events, on the official Olympic website.

PS. Good luck to Ed and the team, and keep an eye out for those vital timeboard stands, carefully wrapped in Honley!