Will your boiler stay warm this winter?

by | Oct 18, 2021 | News

Don’t let your boiler go cold:

Why is it that your boiler chooses the coldest day of the year to give up the ghost? On the day you need your central heating on full whack, you can guarantee that’s the day your creaking old boiler will decide it’s had enough.

According to gas engineer, Fay, from Dolphin Heating, it’s no coincidence, she said:

“When the weather turns cold, we all demand more from our boilers. If your boiler is old or hasn’t been serviced regularly, then dirt can accumulate, and parts wear out. Eventually, your boiler can no longer cope with the constant use and it stops working.”

Having your boiler serviced annually is the best way to make sure your boiler can cope with the demands of even the coldest winter days and nights.

But keeping warm in winter isn’t the only reason to service your boiler. Fay gives her top reasons for servicing your boiler regularly:

1. Stay safe and healthy

Boilers burn fuel to heat your home. As they do, they produce waste gases, including carbon monoxide. If a boiler is working correctly, these waste gases will be expelled safely from your home through a flue or waste pipe.

Occasionally, poorly maintained boilers can leak dangerous gases into your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning from leaking boilers and other gas appliances, can cause illness and even kill you. There are around 60 deaths each year in the UK from carbon monoxide poisoning.

When your boiler or other gas appliance is serviced your gas engineer will check for leaks and any potential problems that can result in leaks, keeping you safe. Preventing dangerous gases from entering your home should be the number one reason for servicing your boiler every year.

Please note: Even if you do have your gas appliances regularly checked, it’s worth installing a carbon monoxide alarm, which should be tested and replaced when required. If you suffer any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, turn off your gas supply and contact a gas engineer.

IMPORTANT: If you have a carbon monoxide detector and the alarm sounds, ring the gas emergency services immediately on 0800 111 999.

2. Save money

Servicing your boiler every year can help you to save money in two ways.

Efficiency – if your boiler is serviced regularly, it should be working as efficiently as possible. With energy bills soaring the last thing you want is an inefficient boiler burning your money.

Fewer repairs – during a service, the gas engineer should make sure that the boiler is clean and properly maintained, this will significantly increase the life of any parts. As well as being potentially expensive, parts might not be in stock, so your boiler could be out of action when you need it most.

3. Make sure your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid

If you’ve recently invested in a new boiler, you will probably be enjoying a few years of security knowing that any faulty parts are covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

But did you know that unless your boiler is serviced every year, that warranty could be invalid?

Most manufacturers will state in the agreement that your boiler must be serviced at least once a year. And the cost of a service is certainly cheaper than a new boiler.

Fay’s final piece of advice:

“Don’t wait for your boiler to break down. Get it serviced now and you’ll avoid unnecessary costs and the risk of a freezing home when the weather turns cold.”

If you need a reliable gas engineer in Honley, why not give Fay at Dolphin Heating a call?