The Yorkshire Vet star joins Honley-based charity

by | Oct 21, 2021 | News

The Yorkshire Vet joins River Holme Connections:

Star of Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet, Shona Searson, has teamed up with Honley-based charity, River Holme Connections.

As the Charity’s new Ambassador, Shona will help the team to spread the message about how important our rivers systems are for life.

Improving our river catchment

Since 2015, River Holme Connections has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds to help people enjoy the rivers and streams that flow through the Holme Valley. They’ve improved paths, restored riverbanks and planted over 20,000 trees to help reduce flood risk, capture carbon and connect habitat networks. Then there’s all the invasive species they’ve eradicated by bashing acres of Himalayan balsam, and controlling Japanese knotweed and other non-native nasties to provide a better river habitat where native wildlife can thrive.

Equally important, they’re introducing a new generation to the vital role that rivers play in our everyday lives.

Educating young people

Shona, who lives and works in the area shares River Holme Connection’s passion. As a vet working primarily with farm animals, Shona is acutely aware of how clean, healthy rivers are vital for a healthy, thriving ecosystem.

Shona said:

“Rivers are the very source of life. Clean, healthy streams and rivers not only provide water for drinking, but they also provide a breeding ground for invertebrates, which are the building blocks for our food chain. It’s so important that we look after our rivers, not just now but in the future.

“The education side of River Holme Connections’ work is something that I’m really passionate about. Many young people are growing up in towns and cities, and have a real disconnect with the natural world. I know how hard River Holme Connections is working to bring river life into schools and to take school children out into the countryside. Being involved with a charity that is giving young people practical opportunities to get out and about, explore the natural world and learn about what it has to offer is so exciting.”

Volunteer with River Holme Connections

Shona joined the team at their recent Third Saturday Work Party to find out more about their work. Volunteers spent the morning clearing vegetation from paths at Crown Bottom in Holmfirth. They also planted native plug plants and cleared rubbish from the river. Spoils from the river included 5 shopping trolleys, 5 traffic cones and a road sign.

Find out how to volunteer with River Holme Connections, or join their November work party on Saturday 20th November from 10am to 12 noon.

You can catch up with Shona in The Yorkshire Vet every Tuesday evening on Channel 5 at 8pm.

Left: Simon Hirst, River Steward, River Holme Connections with volunteer, Sue Harrison (right) with some of the things they cleared from the River Holme.