Honley to Oldfield Run

Distance: c. 3.3 miles / 5km

Starting and Finishing Point: Taylors shop, Meltham Road, Honley.

Considerations: The route is a steady and consistent climb from Honley to Oldfield, but once you reach Oldfield, it is a gentle downhill run back into Honley. In summer months, the nettles can deepen on the rural footpaths, especially between Hassocks Lane and Oldfield Road.

Warning: There is no pavement on a small section of Long Lane.

Breath-taking Views

Honley resident and avid runner Cath Kirby has shared her favourite Honley to Oldfield loop.

The run starts and finishes at Taylors shop in Meltham Road so plenty of opportunity to refuel and rest tired and aching muscles.

Take a moment to breathe, and you will enjoy magnificent views that take you from Oldfield across Honley and surrounding areas. Can you spot your house, business or even a neighbouring landmark such as Castle Hill?

Stop a little longer and you will see the views take you up towards Northgate, Farnley Tyas and Thurstonland Bank.

  • From Taylors, follow Meltham Road uphill, away from the village.
  • At Meltham Road Rec, turn right into the playing fields and run towards the second field at the far end.
  • As you enter the second field, immediately follow the footpath diagonally left towards the trees. You may need to duck down as you enter the shaded wooded area.
  • Once you clear the trees, turn right onto Garner Lane, until you meet Hassocks Lane.
  • Turn left onto Hassocks Lane and keep going for about a quarter of a mile.
  • Before you reach a recently renovated detached house, take the signed footpath on your left.
  • This takes you through five farm fields, heading back towards Meltham Road. Make sure you stick to the footpath as sheep are often loose in these fields.
  • Once you reach the end of the last field, immediately cross Meltham Road.
  • Take the footpath to the left of the farmhouse that takes you through farm fields, and towards Bradshaw Road. Stick to the footpath and cross the stiles. The footpath will take you past fields containing horses.
Great sky over Castle Hill by Sandie Nicholson
  • Cross Bradshaw Road and pick up the footpath towards Oldfield directly in front of you.
  • The footpath will take you alongside fields and bring you out onto Oldfield Road, opposite Oldfield Park. Spot the red telephone box, now serving as a book library.
  • Immediately cross the road, then turn right to pick up the footpath.
  • Follow the footpath between the houses – next to the red post box – until you reach the end of the lane and take the footpath on your left.
  • This leads you to a gate. Make sure you remember to shut the gate as farmers use these fields.
  • Once through the gate, stick to the footpath which will take you through fields and straight across a lane.
  • You are now heading back towards Oldfield Road and Honley.
  • As you enjoy the downhill run, remember to take in the views we have mentioned.
  • Once back onto Oldfield Road, head to the footpath straight in front of you, between two detached houses.
  • As you close the gates, admire the views across Honley and follow the footpath through the fields until you reach Long Lane.
  • Turn left onto Long Lane and continue your gentle downhill run.
  • At the end of Long Lane, turn right onto Bradshaw Road, then immediately left onto Fisher Green, which will bring you back to your starting point at Taylors and all its refreshments.

Well done on completing this cycle route now why not visit our lovely shops and businesses while you are in the village