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Celebrations with personality

If you’re not sure what a celebrant is, or what they do, then have a chat with Lynne Green. Fondly known as the ‘wedding fairy godmother’, Lynne’s vocation is making people’s life events as personal and individual as they are.

It’s not just weddings that Lynne helps with. Her business, Creating Memories, does exactly what it says on the tin: creates lasting memories for people at the most important times in their lives.

“Weddings, civil ceremonies, funerals, baby naming ceremonies are the most personal events that you will ever experience as a family. Yet, with many standard services you often feel as if you’ve heard it all before. I want people to have an opportunity to celebrate their ceremony, in a way that reflects who they are and expresses their feelings and emotions ” explained Lynne.

Your perfect day

Weddings and civil ceremonies are the fun part of Lynne’s work. As an independent celebrant, Lynne offers almost complete freedom over all the elements that make a couple’s perfect day.

If your dream is to have your service in your garden, on your boat, your local pub or hotel, or even in a hot air balloon, Lynne can make that wish come true. Services can include children, spiritual symbolism, religious songs, and even your pets. In fact, Lynne will help you to create your uniquely personal ceremony.

As Lynne previously worked as a Celebrant Registrar, she can also guide you through the legal aspect of marriage, which often takes place before your own personal service with family and friends.

Saying goodbye with meaning

Lynne admits that funerals can be the most rewarding part of her work. Having the opportunity to make the service meaningful and memorable for the family, by celebrating the uniqueness and character of their loved one, is a true privilege.

Having the freedom to hold the ceremony in a place that means something, such as the family garden, a much-loved and visited viewpoint or even at sea, can often be a comfort to the family during such a difficult time. Ceremonies can also be recorded or streamed live to include families all over the world.

There’s a subtle difference between a celebrant and a humanist celebrant. While humanist celebrants are non-religious, Lynne occupies that middle ground for people with or without strong religious beliefs, but who still want to include a hymn, a prayer, or a symbol of their faith, as part of the service.

Your uniquely personal ceremony

When it comes to your ceremony, there’s only one chance to get it right, and Lynne is there to hold your hand every step of the way. Have a chat with Lynne to start creating your memories.

Creating Memories
11 Chapel Terrace, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6JA, UK

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