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Hear better

All your senses are cared for in Honley, including hearing. Paul Briggs founded Holme Valley Hearing Aid Centre more than a decade ago, following a 30-year career in audiology at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. His aim was simple: to help people to hear better.

At his clinic on Eastgate, Paul combines the best of the NHS with the best of private practice. He explained:

“The NHS have great people, providing expert care, but they don’t always have the luxury of time or resources, and continuity of care is rare. The private sector meanwhile has the time and resources but often prioritises sales over service. We put the best of both together, giving us the time to give great quality care, using the latest technology for as long as a patient needs us.”

Who can benefit?

While we regularly visit the dentist and the optician, for some reason people are less likely to have their hearing checked regularly.

According to Paul, anyone with problems with their ears or hearing issues should have a hearing test, and if you’re over 60, it’s a good idea to have one whether you have problems or not.

“Having a hearing test gives you a benchmark, so if your hearing does start to deteriorate, we’ll know by how much and how quickly it’s changing,” said Paul.

A shocking 1 in 7 people have some form of hearing loss but most problems can be treated easily and usually hearing is fully restored. If there is a more permanent issue then help is available and, as hearing loss can reduce memory by up to 20%, it’s really important that people seek treatment sooner rather than later.

Hi-tech hearing

Technology has advanced considerably when it comes to hearing aids. They’ve become smaller, sleeker, more colourful (if you like), and importantly, more effective. They can make life much easier by improving hearing when talking on the phone, conversing in groups and watching television. There are even Bluetooth enabled devices that can be controlled by your watch or phone.

As well as giving you access to the latest technologically-advanced hearing devices, the team, will make sure you’re getting the most out of your hearing aid. They’ll support you and make adjustments to make sure that your hearing aid is working for you.

Planned Hearing Scheme

When you make an appointment at the Eastgate clinic, your first consultation is free. You can then choose to pay per visit or join their monthly Planned Hearing Scheme. The agreed monthly fee covers all treatment and equipment, including services, repairs and replacement. For anyone needing ongoing care, it’s a handy way to avoid unexpected bills.

Listen up!

So if you’re one of the many people who haven’t had a recent hearing test then listen up! Give Holme Valley Hearing Aid Centre a call and get your hearing checked.

Holme Valley Hearing Aid Centre
36 Eastgate, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6PA, UK

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