La Dantri

13A Westgate,

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Opening Times

Mon: 4-10 pm
Tues: 4-10 pm
Weds: 4-10 pm
Thurs: 4-10 pm
Fri: 12-10 pm
Sat: 12-10 pm
Sun: 12-10 pm

Culinary Delights Beneath an Italian Moon

As you stroll down our charming high street you’ll discover La Dantri – a place where culinary dreams and originality come to life in the most romantic way.

This modern Italian restaurant is not just a venue for authentic dining, but it’s also a story of passion and dreams fulfilled by partners chef Daniel and waitress Gayathri.

An Italian Fusion of Love and Cuisine

Daniel, a flavour expert, is a business graduate and chef. Gayathri, a product designer, is a design connoisseur. They met at a bustling restaurant amid the clinking of plates and whispers of orders. They bonded over their shared passion for fine dining and a love for Romantic Italian flavours. This perfect blend of their skills and interests created a dream recipe.

From Dream to Reality

Equipped with business acumen and culinary finesse, Daniel and Gayathri transformed an empty space into a place where food lovers can indulge in the finest culinary experiences.

A touch of romance, reminiscent of their love story, comes to life in an ambient lunar sculpture Gayathri modelled from clay. It takes centre stage in La Dantri, casting an enchanting glow over the sumptuous setting.

Harmonious Culinary Tastes

Authenticity and innovation infuse La Dantri, where Daniel’s passion for Italian cuisine is evident in classic dishes such as carbonara, adapted from authentic recipes, alongside his own interpretations.

Choose from authentic pancetta with egg yolk, pecorino and black pepper or adapted pancetta, with cream and black pepper.

The introduction of a daily special in the not-too-distant future will add a surprise element, demonstrating the couple’s dedication to constantly evolving and delighting palates.

Exclusivity in Wine, Dine and Divine Pairings

The wine shelves have been hand-crafted by Daniel and Gayathri, and display a collection curated by a sommelier, ensuring an exclusive experience. Each sip complements the flavours of modern Italian dining.

Smaller portions of pizzas, pasta and risotto cater for young diners. Ingredients from trusted local suppliers promise freshness and excellence on every plate.

Meat is purchased from Brosters Farm Shop and Hinchliffe’s Farm Shop, while seasonal vegetables and flowers are handpicked from Huddersfield open market.

Modern Italian Dining

A digital piano, where Daniel is honing his musical talent, invites guests to join in the melody. Plans for a lounge area, perfect for savouring drinks and nibbles, hint at the couple’s continuous quest to innovate. They envisage expanding to open a café offering afternoon delights.

Pre-booking through La Dantri’s website is recommended to avoid disappointment. Weekdays offer a quieter ambience, while weekends come alive with the symphony of flavours, fine wines, quality Italian food, and laughter.

La Dantri is not just an Italian restaurant. Every dish tells a story, and every moment is a symphony under an Italian moon.

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La Dantri
13A Westgate, Honley, HD9 6AA

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