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All Aboard for Community Partnership

A partnership approach to the Penistone Line is on track for strengthening a network of local communities.

Penistone Line Partnership is a volunteer-led organisation aimed at engaging with local communities along the Penistone Line, increasing tourism and passenger numbers, supporting economic development, promoting diversity and inclusion, and encouraging sustainable travel options.

As a member of the Community Rail Network which is supported by the Department for Transport (DFT), and along with Northern Trains (Northern), the partnerships work together to improve stations – including Honley Railway Station – and services.

Penistone Line Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation. They employ Community Rail Officer Sarah Wells who is kindly funded by Northern.

A Journey of Collaboration

Sarah started the job in June 2023 to help support the local communities the Penistone Line serves.

Work involves fundraising, education sessions and projects, journey planning and rail confidence workshops, community art and heritage projects, marketing campaigns, and supporting guided walk leaders and volunteers.

Sarah has embraced her job ‘one stop at a time’. You will often find her rolling up her sleeves as she supports the organisation’s many activities and community events.

“I really enjoy engaging with local communities along the Penistone Line, and I love to see people having a good time. From organising ‘Try the Train’ workshops to funded ‘Feel-Good’ days out for members of local support groups or vulnerable people, it’s all about activities that are great for wellbeing.”

Sarah worked in the financial sector for 20 years. She holds a master’s degree in design, and for five years provided freelance graphic design and project management support for the Penistone Line Partnership.

Station Adoption to Benefit Communities

Did you know that you can adopt your local railway station?

Adopting a railway station benefits the immediate station environment in terms of providing a more welcoming experience for residents and visitors and enables individuals and organisations to make a positive impact on their local community and creating a sense of place.

Through a range of projects and initiatives, including sustainable gardening, planter displays, artwork, engaging local schools and community support groups, hosting train station events, and bringing redundant buildings back into use for community projects, station adopters can also help to report faults and damage.

Honley Railway Station is Currently Unadopted

Would you be interested in adopting Honley Railway Station?

Northern provide ongoing support, and funding opportunities.

Station adoption groups can also become a member of the Community Rail Network for an annual charge of £25 plus VAT, which opens more funding opportunities for your station, support, training, and eligibility for the National Community Rail Awards.

You can find out more about Station Adoption here.

Connecting Rails and Lives

Sarah is keen to secure better access to Honley Railway Station for wheelchair users and other people with a mobility impairment.

“Honley Railway Station integrates our communities. Trains from the station take people through beautiful scenery near heritage attractions and urban hubs and bring people together”.

Sarah is working with local communities and businesses on Integrated Transport improvements and supporting Active Travel initiatives.

Rails of Hope for Community Engagement

Sarah works with schools, colleges and uniformed groups, and will happily use her artistry to engage youngsters through fun and educational activities on trains.

She also works with rail and industry partners to deliver rail safety on anti-trespass messages to pupils at all key stages, as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Career sessions and projects.

If you feel you can help to improve Honley Railway Station, then have a chat with Sarah. Her enthusiasm for supporting local communities is sure to keep us all on the right track.

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Penistone Line Partnership
Honley Railway Station, c/o Penistone Line Partnership, Unit 4, Rear 11 Church Street, Penistone, S36 6AR

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