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Home is Where the Heart Is

Interior designer Rebecca Antcliff has made it her life’s work to create indoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Whether you require interior design services for a residential property, a new-build, showroom, restaurant, bar or hotel, Rebecca Antcliff Interiors provides luxurious yet affordable interior design services from her studio in Honley.

Rebecca puts a lot of emphasis on client consultations in order to better understand style preferences and how people operate within their own home or workplace. She will transform living spaces with top tips and secrets from the interior design trade.

“I know all too well the pitfalls in interior design. People may have an idea or concept, but will it be suitable for the space they have? A lot of my work is about problem solving. There is a method to styling and dressing. How you dress a shelf or arrange a coffee table is all about proportions.

“Clients may love a sofa but will it fit through their door? Will a blackout curtain return to the wall or leave light shining through? A velvet sofa may look great in a showroom but how is it going to look in five years’ time after wear and tear?”

Designs to Stand the Test of Time

When it comes to having an eye for detail, Rebecca can spot the small but important details in any room. Rather than following latest interior design trends, she will focus on her client’s brief and give honest, friendly and professional advice. She can create both classic and contemporary styles and knows just how to add a spot of warm or vibrant colour to a cool grey palate.

“We are seeing a shift from ultra-modern and cool greys to warmer, softer tones, natural finishes and more sustainable furnishings.

“Gone are the days of mood boards. Now it’s a lot more interactive. Fabric swatches are used loosely on trays so that they can be reused. Property is a huge expense. Like buying clothes, people want to touch it, see it, feel it, try it on. The focus is more on quality and sustainability.

“People have their own interpretations on style trends. From consultation and concept to design and delivery it’s about telling a story and helping clients to visualise how a space could work for them.

“Clients will then start to role play in their minds – whether that’s sipping a glass of wine at a breakfast bar or visualising how an empty new build could become a bustling family home that is full of charm and character,” said Rebecca.

Friendly, Collaborative Approach

Having worked with leading style brands in the north and south of the country, Rebecca has also formed collaborations with architects and builders. She works on both residential and commercial projects.

Her design services include lighting plans, made-to-measure fabric, colour schemes, wall coverings, soft furnishings, bespoke cabinetry, upholstery and more.

Rebecca sources sustainable products and uses trusted tradespeople. She is also able to help clients save money by purchasing furnishings at trade prices.

“Part of the consultation process is about thoroughly understanding the brief. Very often by the time clients come to me they are at the end of a lengthy and often costly architectural and building process. They may be feeling tired, overwhelmed by all the decision making and over budget.

“I am here to make things easier. Some clients ask me to dress their spaces, others choose to order the products themselves. Either way I offer a full wraparound service tailored to meet individual needs and budgets.

“I tend to be the last person in and it’s the lasting impression that counts. It’s important my clients feel comfortable with the choices they are making and that I make their house or workspace feel like a home they don’t want to leave,” said Rebecca.

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Rebecca Antcliff Interiors
Honley, Holmfirth, UK

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