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From Apprentice Butcher to Butcher Shop Owner

In the heart of our charming village there’s a butcher shop that’s not just a purveyor of fine meats but a story of love, local ties and a sprinkle of cheekiness.

Honley’s Sean the Butcher is a man whose journey in the meaty world began as an apprentice at a farm shop in the village forty years ago. When his previous employer bought the butcher’s shop in Moorbottom, Honley, Sean went with him, eventually turning it into the artisan butcher shop he now proudly calls his own.

Local Love and Cheeky Charm

With a twist of fate, Sean met Jane, his future wife, whose grandfather had also been a butcher in the village. Sealing the deal with a daring chat-up line, Sean cheekily and successfully won her over with, “Would you like another slice of my meat?”

Beyond the Counter and Cuts

Sean and Jane’s love story goes beyond the counter and cuts. Their connection to the village they grew up in runs deep. It’s what fills their artisan butcher shop with local banter and loyal customers.

When the opportunity to take on the empty butcher’s shop in Honley arose, the landlord’s question was simple, “Well are you having it then?” Sean’s answer was an enthusiastic yes, turning his dream into a delectable reality.

Local Flavours, Exceptional Quality

Sean takes pride in providing the community with top-quality, locally sourced meats. From succulent grass-fed beef and lamb to the high welfare standards of pork and chicken, every cut is a testament to Sean’s commitment to excellence. Each piece is a celebration of quality and a nod to the local community he supports. And let’s not forget the golden yolks of local eggs, the sweetness of Holme Valley honey or the satisfying crunch of Lister’s Yorkshire crisps.

But the goodness doesn’t stop there. Sean sources locally within Yorkshire and prepares all the meat himself. Hanging his meat is what gives it a depth of flavour, allowing it to develop a rich, darker hue that signifies the perfect balance of tenderness and taste.

The pasties, pies, scotch eggs and sausage rolls hail from Hinchliffe’s Farm Shop in Netherton, where Sean previously worked. The bread, a crucial companion to your savoury delights, comes from the ovens of Dale Bakery in Denby Dale. And while Jane may have traded her hairdressing scissors for sandwich spreads, her touch is evident in every bite.

Community Connections

So when you step into Sean the Butcher, you’re not just entering a butcher’s shop, you’re stepping into a story of passion, community, and of course, exceptional meat and food.

“Feel free to ask and I’ll gladly share a spontaneous recipe or guide you on the perfect cooking time for any cut of meat,” said Sean. “My advice is always free.”

A Butcher’s Shop Sizzling with Passion

Sean’s culinary delights extend to his flavoursome Jamaican jerk chicken that takes flight off the shelves and leaves taste buds tingling. His sweet chilli, ginger and lemon chicken stir fry is perfect for customers looking for a convenient meal.

From the robust flavour of silverside and succulent rump to the marbled perfection of ribeye and sirloin steaks, the traditional butcher offers a diverse selection, including fillet, shin beef, lamb shoulder, leg of lamb, dry cured bacon, individually flavoured sausages, and sweet chicken and zesty lime fillets. For a wild and unforgettable dining experience, game meat is available to order.

Have you indulged in the story being created by Sean the Butcher? We encourage you to savour the distinctive flavours curated by Sean that add a delightful richness to our village.

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Sean the Butcher
Moorbottom, Honley, HD9 6DN

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