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A great night’s sleep

Adam and Sophie, the couple who own and run Sleep Matters in Honley, have been helping their customers to enjoy a great night’s sleep since they opened their doors in 2016.

Sleep Matters is all about beds, mattresses and helping customers to choose the right combination for the best night’s sleep. After all, you spend around a third of your day, every day, in bed so it needs to be comfortable. Sophie explains their philosophy:

“Comfort is different to different people. We always encourage people to spend as much time as they can lying on our mattress before they buy. We check their spine is aligned and that the mattress helps maintain correct sleep posture. We can even supply beds where one side is firmer than the other, if it turns out that a couple have different needs. That way they both get a good night’s sleep.”

At Sleep Matters, Sophie and Adam stock only quality beds and mattresses that are approved by the independent National Bed Federation. That way, you can be confident your new bed will last, but you might also be pleasantly surprised at the extremely reasonable prices you’ll discover at Sleep Matters.

To see for yourself, pop into the showroom on Huddersfield Road, just opposite Queens Square Business Park. Sophie and Adam are always happy to welcome visitors whether you’re buying or browsing.

Local and environmentally conscious

All the beds and mattresses are sourced from companies based in and around Yorkshire. In fact, Sophie (who originally comes from ‘down south’) admits: “Everything at Sleep Matters is local… apart from me!”.

They stock a range of brands, from great value mattresses that are perfect for the spare room, to some of the leading names in the business.

You’ll even find the award-winning Harrisons mattress brand, which Sleep Matters is incredibly proud to stock. Harrisons is a North Yorkshire company that rears its own sheep to provide sustainable and 100% recyclable mattresses.

“There are no plastics, glues or chemicals, so at the end of its life the entire mattress can be recycled and go back into the ground,” explained Sophie. “These are top quality mattresses too, so they are so comfortable.”

Best advice when buying a new bed

The Sleep Council suggest changing your mattress every 7 years. It’s a useful guide, but one that shouldn’t be used as an absolute rule. Sophie says:

“If you look after your mattress, use a protector, turn it if required, then it might last much longer. We always tell our customers that they’ll know when their mattress needs changing. If you’re still enjoying a good night’s sleep then there’s no need to change your mattress. It’s all about taking a common sense approach.”

There is one piece of advice, however, that Sophie gives to all customers.

“We understand that having a great-looking bedroom is important, and we have some gorgeous bases and headboards to choose from. But if you’re on a budget, we encourage customers to invest the bulk of their money in the mattress rather than the bedframe. We know that it will make such a difference to their sleep and, in turn, that can make a big difference to their life,” she said.

If your mattress is starting to sag and you’re in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, call in and have a chat with Adam and Sophie. After all, Sleep Matters.

Sleep Matters
78 Huddersfield Road, Honley, Holmfirth, UK

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