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Have you Heard?

Community eyecare and hearing checks are at the heart of Valli Optometry and Audiology’s philosophy. That’s why their appointments are longer, more thorough and more frequent than most. They also employ local people where possible, which gives the practice a family feel and why you’ll often see the same faces offering a friendly welcome each time you visit.

Hearing is one of our most extraordinary senses. It integrates with our other senses to help us connect with everything. Much like our sight, with age, many people begin to experience hearing loss which develops gradually little by little over time.

That’s why Valli Optometry and Audiology recommend all adults over 50 years should have a hearing health check every two years. They provide a free hearing assessment, have a full range of hearing aids, and provide an ear wax removal service.

Valli Optometry and Audiology keep up to date with the latest tried-and-tested treatments, including Ortho-K, and really understand their local patients. They work with schools to identify eye problems in young children that can lead to reading difficulties. They offer occupational eyecare, helping companies to care for their employees. For less mobile Honley residents, they offer home visits, and there’s a range of frames to choose from, whatever your budget.

Owner, Moin Valli, who founded the company with wife Rachel in 2005, said: “We measure our success on the positive impact we have on our community’s eye health.”

How Valli Optometry and Audiology are Different

As an independent community optician, the Valli team really care about their patients. They work with schools to identify children who might be struggling with visual stress. If left untreated, it can affect learning, but it’s so easy to correct with coloured filters and overlays.

They regularly give talks to local church and community groups about the array of eye care techniques and treatments that can help improve vision, especially in older people or help them to adapt to age-related conditions, improving quality of life.


Did you know that there’s a special type of contact lens that you wear only overnight, which can correct your vision? Valli Optometry and Audiology can tell you more about the science, but it can help to slow the progress of short-sightedness and reduce the risk of more serious eye conditions later in life. Even more amazing, you don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day.

It’s more effective the younger you start, so the benefits for children are even better! Have a chat with one of the opticians to find out more.

Designer or Budget Frames

Whether it’s fashion or function you’re looking for, Valli Optometry and Audiology stock a range of frames from NHS children’s frames, which these days look pretty cool, to designer brands and sunglasses, not to mention everything in between.

Whatever your eyecare needs, pop into Valli Optometry and Audiology, have a chat with the team. They’re always happy to help, as you’ll no doubt see for yourself.

Valli Optometry And Audiology
Valli Opticians Honley, 30 Westgate, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6AA, UK

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