Great sky over Castle Hill by Sandie Nicholson

Meltham Mills Circular Cycle

Distance: c. 2.9 miles / 11km

Considerations: Route is on roads throughout

If you’re a seasoned cyclist then this will be a quick warm-up to get the legs moving. If you’re new to cycling though, or a little bit steadier on your bike, then this route will give you a decent workout.

Seat with a view over Holme Valley Castle Hill walk by Sandie Nicholson

It starts with a steady uphill section until you reach Honley Woods, when you get a downhill break until you get past the factories on Crosland Factory Lane. Then there’s a relatively short, sharp climb to reach Huddersfield Road. Another decent downhill break, is followed by a gentle slope up to Meltham Mills.

All is fine until you reach Knowle Lane, which is the start of a pretty steep climb up to Wood Nook. Once you’ve made it to the top though, you’re done with the big climbs. Wood Nook Lane has a small uphill section but it’s relatively flat for most and once you cross Bradshaw Lane heading towards Oldfield, it’s pretty much downhill all the way – be sure to test your breaks before you set off!

Warning: Where a suitable helmet when riding on the road, and follow the rules of the road. Regularly check breaks and tyres, and always make sure your bike is roadworthy before setting off.