Great sky over Castle Hill by Sandie Nicholson

Meltham Mills Circular Cycle

Distance: c. 2.9 miles / 11km

Considerations: Route is on roads throughout

If you’re a seasoned cyclist then this will be a quick warm-up to get the legs moving. If you’re new to cycling though, or a little bit steadier on your bike, then this route will give you a decent workout.

Seat with a view over Holme Valley Castle Hill walk by Sandie Nicholson

It starts with a steady uphill section until you reach Honley Woods, when you get a downhill break until you get past the factories on Crosland Factory Lane. Then there’s a relatively short, sharp climb to reach Huddersfield Road. Another decent downhill break, is followed by a gentle slope up to Meltham Mills.

All is fine until you reach Knowle Lane, which is the start of a pretty steep climb up to Wood Nook. Once you’ve made it to the top though, you’re done with the big climbs. Wood Nook Lane has a small uphill section but it’s relatively flat for most and once you cross Bradshaw Lane heading towards Oldfield, it’s pretty much downhill all the way – be sure to test your breaks before you set off!

Warning: Where a suitable helmet when riding on the road, and follow the rules of the road. Regularly check breaks and tyres, and always make sure your bike is roadworthy before setting off.

Well done on completing this cycle route now why not visit our lovely shops and businesses while you are in the village