View from bridle path by Sandie

Taylors Twin Loop

Distance: c. 3.1 miles / 5 km

Starting and finishing point: Honley Library, West Avenue, Honley

Considerations: This route is both on- and off- road, taking in bridle paths that are suitable for most seasons. Please follow the countryside code and always shut gates behind you.

This double circuit offers several options in one. For a straight 5km run, start at Taylors Foodstore, run along Grasscroft Road, up Scotgate Road and take Hassocks Lane up to the top bridle path. Run back down Meltham Road to Taylors and repeat, this time taking the first bridle path when you’re on Hassocks Lane. For a change of scenery, Try running the route in reverse, going up Meltham Road and down Scotgate Road. You can make it slightly easier by running the smaller loop twice, or make it harder by running the larger loop twice (or more if you’re feeling energetic!). It has a real combination of uphill, flat and downhill runs, so a good one to test your pace and speed on different inclines and terrains.

Warning: The run includes country roads with no pavements and sections of uneven, stony farm tracks. Please take care when running this route, closing and securing any gates that you open. Always wear hi-vis clothing and suitable footwear, and run in a group.


  • From Taylors Foodstore, take Grasscroft Road.
  • At the end, turn left on to Scotgate Road.
  • At the brow of the hill bear left on to Hassocks Lane.
  • Continue ahead until you almost reach the metal barrier at the entrance to the woods.
  • Turn left, through the gate and on to the bridle path – please SHUT and SECURE the gate behind you.
  • Go straight ahead through the second gate – again, please SHUT and SECURE the gate behind you.
  • At the end of the track, turn left on to Meltham Road and return to Honley.
  • Repeat the route until you reach Hassocks Lane.
  • On the second lap, take the first bridle path (one field up from the entrance to Hassocks Lane)
  • At the end of the bridle path turn left on to Meltham Road and return to Taylors Foodstore.

Well done on completing this cycle route now why not visit our lovely shops and businesses while you are in the village