Do you want to make your social media posts work harder?

Social media has revolutionised the world of marketing and advertising. Social media feeds, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are a great way to get your business in front of millions of people every day.

Some businesses do this better than others. But there are things we can all do to improve social media posts without working too hard.

Honley’s social media experts, Social Progress, who you’ll find on the corner of Woodhead Road by the traffic lights, have put together 5 quick ways that you can instantly improve social media posts.

1. Use a photo or image

Where possible, use a photo or image as well as text. Images grab our attention more than words alone and it’s a tried and tested method. Think about newspapers. Most have a large photo on the front page to catch our eye and make us want to read more. Any image is better than no image but photos with people in them, animals and funny pics are sure-fire winners. Word of warning though, don’t try to force it, make sure that any image you use is relevant to your post and reflects your business values.

Use a picture     Improve social media posts

Which post catches your eye?

2. Ask questions

Social media should be just that: social! Many businesses make the mistake of talking AT customers rather than having a conversation WITH them. One of the easiest ways to get people involved and start a chat with them is to ask questions. If you’re an accountant for example, instead of posting ‘Tax return due by 31 January’ start a conversation by asking ‘Do you know the easiest way to meet the 31 January tax return deadline?’.

Ask a question     Improve social media

3. Tell a story

Everyone loves a story! It’s the technique used my many a reality TV show to keep us glued to our screens. It’s the backstory of the characters that draws us in and makes us love (or hate) them but before you know it, you’re invested and desperate to know what happens to them. Every business has a story too. While it (hopefully) isn’t as chaotic as a Love Island plot, it will be interesting in its own way, so get out there and tell it.

Tell a story     Tell a story social

4. Create an emotional reaction

We humans are emotional beings. Many decisions we make – including business decisions – are based on our emotions. Brands especially play on our emotions. Think Rolex v. Casio or Marmite v. …well… Marmite. Make sure your posts create an emotion. It could be happiness from a funny post; desire for a new product, look or taste; sadness at how someone or something has been treated. Whatever it is, make them feel!

emotional reaction     emotional posts

5. Let people know – use tags and hashtags

Involve other people or businesses by using tags and hashtags. Tags are the @someone and will notify the person or business that you’ve mentioned them. Hashtags are the #subject and will help your post to be found by people searching for that subject. If you recently partnered or collaborated with a business, tag them in your post (in a positive light) and there’s a good chance they’ll share your post on their page.

Add people     Add hashtags

Take your social media to the next level

These are just 5 quick and easy ways to make your existing posts work much harder for you. But there is so much more that you can do to make sure your business stands out from the crowd on social media, and converts browsers to buyers.

If you’re interested in taking your social media to the next level, why not have a chat with Janet Bebb and the team at Social Progress.

Visit their website today or email Janet.