Finding Banks

by | Oct 8, 2020 | History & Heritage

An accidental find, while clearing out old documents, led to Angela Marshall tracing the history of her house and occupants back through the centuries.

Among piles of old financial papers, Angela discovered a faded copy of a contract relating to the sale of Banks House in 1903. Her interest piqued, Angela spent her spare time trawling through ancestry websites and books on Honley’s history to discover more about the intriguing life of the house and its various occupants.

The result of all this research is Finding Banks: a Honley house, a family business, and a lost community.

It’s on sale at Zebra or Holme Valley News in Honley village, or READ bookshop in Holmfirth. You can also purchase it by contacting Honley Civic Society. The book costs £10 (postage is an additional £2.50).

You can read more about Angela and how the book evolved on the Honley Civic Society website.

Finding Banks