Get active: lose weight, feel fitter, live longer

by | May 6, 2021 | Health and fitness, News

Active in Honley:

The days are longer, the sun is shining (sometimes), lockdown is easing (slowly) and we can look forward to warmer days and balmy evenings (at least we can always hope!). So, now is the time to get fit in Honley.

We all know that regular exercise is good for us. It can help maintain and even lose weight, it boosts immunity and improves mental health. Exercise even protects against some pretty nasty diseases, including reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

More and more medical professionals are even prescribing exercise to help patients improve their physical and mental health.

We’re lucky…

Our village is surrounded by a maze of public footpaths and bridle paths, we’ve hills for hiking, routes for running and cycling, and a plethora of sports clubs and activities on our doorstep.

So, no more excuses. Here’s how you can get fit in Honley.

Walks in Honley

You can barely walk 50 metres without tripping over a public footpath around here. Even better, many lead you to some of the best views in the world (yes, we are biased). There’s another benefit too. As there are so many walks to choose from, the routes are rarely busy and it’s often only the songbirds disturbing the peace.

On our Active in Honley page you’ll find lots of different walks to download ranging from easy 1-2 miles to more challenging 8-mile walks.

Running in Honley

Honley, (Neilly pavilion to be exact) is home to the famous Holmfirth Harriers Athletics Club. If you take your running more seriously, or just want people to run with, then jog down to Neilly pavilion on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Check out their website first for training times during Covid.

If you’re more of a lone runner, then we’ve some starter routes and more advanced running routes on our website that are ready to download.

Cycling in Honley

The hills around Honley are tough enough for world-famous international cyclists. When the Tour de France ‘Le Grand Depart’ came to Yorkshire in 2014, the route took them through Honley and up the gruelling hill to Holme Moss. In fact, the Holme Moss climb was deemed tough enough for one of the ‘King of the Mountains’ red polka dot jersey prizes to be awarded: Le cote de Moss! You can follow in Le Tour’s footsteps – sorry, wheels – by taking the Woodhead Road (A6024) through Holmfirth, Holme and Lane. If that’s a hill too far, we’ve some ‘starter’ cycle routes for you to download on our website.

Sports clubs and gyms

As well as Holmfirth Harriers, there are lots of sports clubs and gyms to get involved with. Every weekend in the summer, Honley cricket club is buzzing with activity. There’s junior training night on a Friday and Huddersfield Cricket League matches on Saturday and sometimes Sundays. The bar is usually open too if a gentle stroll around the ground is more your style. See their website for fixtures.

If you’re more into gym and exercise classes, then check out Inspire Pilates. They cater for all abilities and have some amazing looking machines that will have every muscle in your body aching (but you’ll feel great afterwards – promise)! The Unit Gym is another option for gym lovers, as well as Phoenix Squash and Fitness Club.

If you’d like a personalised programme to get you going, or if you want to take your training to the next level, then book a session with Coach Josh Taylor. He works with everyone from first-timers to elite athletes.

While there might not be a golf club in Honley, but what we do have is a business that can help you organise your own golf day. Have a chat with the Brandlink Golf team.


Phew! It’s tiring enough reading about all that exercise. But seriously, what are you waiting for? Step outdoors today and get fit in Honley.

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