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by | Jul 8, 2021 | News

What does HBA actually do?

Honley Business Association, fondly known as HBA, is run by volunteers to help businesses that are based in Honley to flourish.


It might be a short question, but the answer is (fairly) long!

Working on the philosophy that we’re stronger together, HBA provides a forum for businesses to work together. This benefits our businesses and provides a better environment for people who live, visit and work here.

We shout about our village and businesses:

This website was designed and created by HBA. We’re now continually adding information and updating events to make it a one-stop-shop for everything-you-need-to-know-about-Honley.

We’ve an active Facebook Group (Honley Community) with over 6k members and there’s  also our online monthly Newsletter (this doesn’t replace the Honley Flyer). It summarises the highlights from each month so you don’t miss anything. You can sign up at the bottom of this webpage.

We put on events:

1. For businesses:

We have our annual get together (although Covid put a stop to last year’s gathering). This year we met at The Foresters Arms with food from Blue Tiger on Thursday 8 July. It’s a chance for business owners to get together, network and hear about more ways we can all work together.

 2. For the village and visitors

HBA puts together the Christmas Market each year (sadly Covid kicked last year’s plans into touch). Thousands of people flock to Honley each year to enjoy the Christmas market on Church Street, the music at St Mary’s Church, refreshments at Trinity Church and all the other businesses that support us.

We also decorate the village with hanging baskets, Christmas lights, flags and more to keep our village looking good.

This month we’re introducing Honley Market. Held on the last Saturday of July (31), August (28) and September (25), it’s an opportunity for local businesses that are not on the high street, to let villagers and visitors see and know what they do.

We’ve buskers lined up to entertain people throughout the day and we want to create a real buzz in the village that gets people out and about. You can find out more about how to join in by reading next week’s blog.

We work with other community groups:

There are many community groups and charities working in Honley. Rather than repeat their great work, we collaborate with them to support village events and activities. For example, the recent Open Gardens, which was a huge success, was organised by Friends of Honley. We linked with our businesses to sell wrist bands and programmes to help promote the event.

And more…

In essence, everything we do is built around creating a buzz about Honley.

We want people to love living here and take pride in our village.

We want our businesses to thrive and for others to see Honley as a place to work and do business.

And we want to make people curious about Honley and all there is to see and do – whether they live and work in our village or are just visiting.

To get involved, see how you can Join Us!