Fitness tips to get you going

The evenings are getting lighter, and we’ve even had a hint of (fingers crossed) warmer weather to come this week. With spring just around the corner, and the hope of lockdown lifting – or at least easing slightly as the vaccine programme gains pace – we might soon be enjoying the great outdoors once again.

But how is your fitness? Have you sculpted the perfect Joe Wicks’ body during the winter lockdown? Or did your motivation drop as low as the temperature in Braemar last week?

If this lockdown left you reaching for the chocolates, rather than reaching for the stars (stay with me all you S Club 7 fans!) then keep reading.

We’ve talked to Honley’s fitness specialists to get their top 10, quick and easy fitness tips that will put the spring back in your step.

Before we start, we’ve an important message! It’s always worth checking with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine or regime, especially if you have underlying health problems, or haven’t exercised in a while.

Meet our Honley fitness experts

Josh Taylor is the face behind Coach JT. Josh is an accredited strength and conditioning coach who works with everyone from 16 to 76! Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply wanting to get into shape after months of binging box sets, Josh can help. You can find out more here.

Sara runs Inspire Pilates, based at Queen’s Business Park in Honley. During lockdown they’ve been helping people stay fit with online Pilates classes. Take a look at what Sara does now, and what you can sign up for when lockdown eases.

Top 10 ways to improve your fitness without really trying

Sara’s top fitness tips:

  1. Try deep breathing: breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. On your out breath draw your navel back towards your spine to switch on your deep abdominals, release on your in breath.
  2. Think about your posture in your daily activities. When standing feel as if you are lengthening your spine.
  3. While waiting for the kettle to boil, aim for 10 press-ups against your kitchen worktop and alternate with 10 squats.
  4. Aim for at least a brisk walk outside every day even if it’s just 20 mins.
  5. Stay hydrated, not only important for our organs like kidneys and liver, but it will stop feelings of tiredness. It’s also important for the health of the spinal discs.

Josh’s top fitness tips:

  1. Take the stairs; avoid the lift.
  2. If you’re working at a desk, place your bin at the other side of the room making you stand up and walk to dispose of your rubbish.
  3. Eat more protein – which you’ll find in lean meat, poultry fish, dairy, nuts, beans and legumes among other sources. Protein helps to repair and grow new cells and muscle tissue, fills you up and uses more calories during digestion than either carbohydrates or dietary fats.
  4. Avoid crash diets! Focus on creating smaller sustainable, choices that can become part of daily life. Start with switching one of your daily snacks to a piece of fruit instead of crisps, chocolate or biscuits.
  5. Have fun! Choose exercises and activities that you enjoy doing. That way you’re more likely to keep on doing them!

It just shows that you can always find time to make small changes to your lifestyle, so what are you waiting for? Take the advice of our Honley fitness experts and you’ll be ready to spring into action when the weather warms up.