Honley Village Map

by | Oct 6, 2023 | News

Mapping the Heart of Our Vibrant Village

The essence of Honley has been captured in a locally crafted Honley Village Map that beckons you to embark on a journey of discovery.

Funded by Honley Business Association (HBA) and Holme Valley Parish Council, Honley Village Map serves as a vibrant showcase for our local businesses.

The free map encapsulates businesses that are members of HBA, including specialised services, independent shops, dining and relaxation spots, and healthcare and beauty options, all while celebrating cherished local landmarks.

It is readily available from shops and community groups in Honley, as well as online.

Welcome to Honley Village

Nestled in our picturesque village lies a treasure trove of businesses that form the lifeblood of our community.

From cosy cafes to services and boutiques, our village caters for the diverse needs of its residents and visitors.

Honley Village Map was brought to life by talented Honley illustrator, Katie Walden Illustration, and then transformed into an interactive digital format by skilled local graphic designer, Claire Barnett Design. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of HBA member Social Progress, the map has been seamlessly integrated into our Honley Info website.

The maps are printed in Honley by HBA member Gate Nine.

This integration ensures that essential information, including contact details and operating hours for local businesses, is available at our fingertips. The digital format also allows for updates, keeping our community connected and informed.

The Artistry Behind the Map

Katie built her business on her talent for creating captivating commercial illustrations and private commissions. Her portfolio ranges from the enchanting world of animals and the beauty of nature to intricate botanicals and local landmarks.

She employs a diverse range of mixed media techniques to bring her illustrations to life, blending elements of both traditional and digital mediums, all through hand-drawn illustrations.

Katie said: “I wanted the map to capture the essence of our community. A visual representation that evokes a sense of pride and connection among the people of Honley while celebrating the patchwork that forms our village.

“Each element is carefully layered so that hand-drawn illustrations are weaved alongside numerical notations, road names, the starting points of walks, as well as members of HBA.

“It was a collaborative effort to create a map that celebrates many of our local businesses and Honley’s community, its rich wildlife, heritage and local landmarks.”

Your Local Business Association

At the heart of this project is HBA, an organisation that brings together businesses that contribute to the growth and vitality of our village.

Within Honley lies traditional shops and services to innovative start-ups. HBA works tirelessly to promote collaboration, community engagement and economic development.

Explore Honley Village Map

As you explore the map you will notice a variety of businesses represented, each with its distinctive charm and personality. From retail therapy and thriving industry to entrepreneurship, our businesses are surrounded by scenic walks, woodland, recreational grounds and churches, all of which Katie has painstakingly plotted on our local map.

Rachel Valli, Chairperson of HBA and owner of Honley’s Redress Boutique, said: “This website was created as a centralised hub for both business owners and customers to access vital information, and to foster a sense of community and support for local enterprises.

“Mapping the heart of our village is a wonderful way to showcase our community’s unique character and to support local businesses. As well as enhancing the experience for residents and visitors, it also fosters a sense of pride.

“The map serves as a testament to the passion and dedication of our community members and helps to create a sense of belonging.”

Pick Up Your Map Today

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to pick up a copy of the Honley Village Map, explore our village, and support the local businesses that help to make Honley a special place.

Click here to learn about businesses in Honley and explore village life.