Delivering a More Sustainable Christmas

by | Nov 16, 2022 | News

Shop Local to Reduce the Holme Valley Carbon Footprint

Woodchip for fuel, planting trees, recycling, shopping locally, electric bikes and battery powered machinery are just some of the ways Honley businesses are helping to reduce the Holme Valley carbon footprint.

Honley Business Association (HBA) has teamed up with Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership to encourage more local shopping that will help to reduce carbon emissions and deliver a more sustainable Christmas.

As the United Nations climate change conference – COP27 – opened in Egypt, we asked local businesses to tell us how they are contributing to action on global climate change, and how they inspire their customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Honley Business Association loves nothing more than supporting local. This website is updated by social media experts, words are written by a professional copywriter and photos are taken by an expert photographer, who all just happen to be local businesses in Honley.

HBA buys food and drink from local suppliers, uses storage units in Honley and pays for insurance locally. It uses venues in Honley to run events, and encourages people to walk into the village.

HBA is also helping to support an e-cargo bike delivery service, Holme Deliveries, through Environmental Projects in Kirklees (EPIKS). By providing a stall at the Christmas Street Market, it is hoped this will help to raise awareness of a scheme that uses low-emission vehicles to deliver local goods and services throughout the Holme Valley. Find out more about the scheme here.

Roots to Grow a Healthier Future

This year, Honley’s Stephenson Trees and Landscapes Ltd planted around 1,500 trees. They use battery powered machinery as much as they can to reduce emissions and rely on solar energy to charge a hybrid car. Their woodchip is recycled into biomass to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Owner Kevin Stephenson said: “We plant street trees for the council as well as for private clients. Trees always add value, both in terms of amenity and for the good of the planet.

“Battery powered machinery reduces noise pollution, especially when we are working near schools or sheltered housing.”

210927 Cargo Social Progress Janet Bebb KFW

A Social Pledge

Honley’s Social Progress (SoPro) has signed a UK Business Climate Hub’s SME Climate Pledge to help reduce carbon emissions.

Their seven top tips for working in a more sustainable workplace include, avoiding single use of water bottles and coffee cups, recycling paper, tin, glass and plastics, and providing Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar for clients.

The SoPro team prefer to work digitally by printing less, use energy efficient lighting and turn off computers at the end of the day. They also suggest car sharing or public transport for a more sustainable commute.

Local Shopping

Honley’s Zebra Jewellery and Gifts buy much of their stock, including Eco friendly biodegradable bags, from within a five-mile radius of Honley. They support local artists, including carpenters, jewellers and potters by providing them with a platform to grow their business.

Sian Taylor, Development Worker for Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership, said: “There is such a great sense of community in the Holme Valley. It’s always amazing to see what local businesses do to promote that.

“There are so many ways people can help to contribute to climate change and to help us to deliver a more sustainable Christmas. This could be shopping locally, buying locally sourced products, and supporting local businesses that work to reduce their energy use.

“We want to link up with the great things happening locally so we can help people to feel more positive about the impact made as a community working together for a global cause.”

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